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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pony Couples: Other Couples

Welcome back to yet another installment of Pony Couples. All through the month of February, I'm sharing my favorite My Little Pony shippings. For my final post in this series, I’m sharing all of my favorite pony shippings. We have a lot to go through, so let’s get started:

Twilight Sparkle/Comet Tail

Comet Tail and Twilight by ~Groxy-Cyber-Soul on deviantART

For quite some time, all of the Mane Six had been shipped except Twilight Sparkle, with the exception of maybe being shipped with Spike or Trixie, neither shippings I really care for. But then fans began noticing a yellow unicorn with a comet cutie mark in the background of several episodes, decided to call him Comet Tail, and had him shipped with Twilight. The shipping seems fitting, as both ponies have celestial-related cutie marks, but since this is a background pony, not much is known about him. Then again, this does allow for fans to be creative with his character. I admit I like this shipping, if for no other reason but to finally have Twilight hooked up with a colt.

COMMISSION: Twilight and Comet Tail by ~CatsnCupcakes on deviantART

The two as anthros. Really love the lighting in this scene. Makes it extra romantic. Also love the little details like their horns glowing.

Vanilla Twilight by ~sebastieng on deviantART

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
Cause I wish you were here

Cute picture, but what is up with Spike? Looks like he’s going to clobber Comet Tail. Uh, why?

Comet and Twi by *Kloudmutt on deviantART

The two as a newlywed couple. Obviously, Comet Tail has Twilight Sparkle in his arms because he’s carrying her into their honeymoon suite for their wedding night. Let your imagination wander from there. :D

Pinkie Pie/Discord

Discord Pinkie Pie Sketch by *Mickeymonster on deviantART

Discord’s favorite element is laughter, and Pinkie Pie loved how he made it rain chocolate rain. Add the fact that both are the most comical and random characters in the show, and they obviously make a cute couple. Disturbing, but cute. And since Discord has been reformed, it makes this shipping all the more likely.

Pinkie wears Discord by ~Az-Pekt on deviantART

Great, now I’m imagining Pinkie Pie as Cruella DeVille.

Pinkie and Discord by ~maxtaka on deviantART

Get your minds out of the gutter! They’re just cuddling together. Nothing more!

Discord's Personal Favourite Element by *Mickeymonster on deviantART

You heard the man…goat…dragon…thing! You’re argument is invalid!

Discord's Chubby Pie by *Mickeymonster on deviantART

Something tells me that Discord may be a bit of a chubby chaser here. Considering how he can make sweets out of thin air, that could very well be the case.

Vinyl Scratch/Neon Lights

A W1SH for a P0N3 by *PluckyNinja on deviantART

I know Vinyl Scratch (DJ Pon3) is commonly shipped with Octavia, but personally, I was never a fan of yuri ships. I think Neon Lights (MC W1sh) is a better choice for her, both as a music partner and love partner.

Mixoff Battle by *PluckyNinja on deviantART

I’d imagine this is how the two would meet and fall in love. They would make for better lovers than rivals. Her beats, his lights, it was meant to be!

I wub you by *PluckyNinja on deviantART

The two as humans. Love how Scratch keeps her red eyes. Of course, this makes me wonder how she has red eyes. Is she…a vampire? Well, that would explain why she usually appears at night.

Vinyl Lights by ~Metroplizer on deviantART

I want to say that the two are simply snuggling on the couch after a long night, but considering how Neon Lights took off his shirt, well, I’ll leave your imagination to that.

Coppertone Vinyl Scratch by *AleximusPrime on deviantART

You have to wonder why ponies would wear bathing suits. We human beings wear bathing suits as a way not to be weighed down in the water by clothing while remaining decent. Ponies don’t have to worry about that since ponies don’t normally wear clothes except to show off. So pony bathing suits seem superfluous.

Octavia/Fredric Horseshoepin

Octaves for Fred by ~NarbeVoguel on deviantART

As I said before, I don’t care for the Vinyl Scratch/Octavia shipping. I find Octavia better shipped with her band mate Fredric Horseshoepin. Piano does compliment stings very well.

Octavia and Frederic by ~NarbeVoguel on deviantART

The only thing missing in this picture is Octavia wearing a cocktail dress and holding a microphone.

A Love to Tango by *StarryOak on deviantART

“Shall we dance?” “With Pleasure!”

Octavia and Frederic by *SeaBastian on deviantART

And of course, when she says she wants to hear more of his notes…she literally means she wants to hear more of his notes. Seriously, some things can’t be interpreted as an innuendo.

Crying Octavia by ~NarbeVoguel on deviantART

Nice to know Fredric provides Octavia a shoulder to cry on. Wait. Do ponies even have shoulders?

Trixie Lulumoon/Prince Blueblood

Trixie and Blueblood (BETTER QUALITY) by ~Bronyman1995 on deviantART

They're both the most narcissistic ponies in Equestria, so only person they would love more than each other are themselves. It's a match made in pony heaven...or hell...depending on how you see the situation.

TrixXBlood by *dcencia on deviantART

Funny as this may seem, I'd imagine this is exactly how the two would hook up.

Trixie and Blueblood by ~Mikash91 on deviantART

Of course, this could also be a plausible way the two would hook up also. Who needs love poison when you have booze goggles?

+MLP:FiM - TrixBlood+ by ~A-Ponies-Love on deviantART

I'd imagine this is the morning aftermath from the last picture.

Trixie Kissy by ~TheSketchyEnigma on deviantART

And here are the two as human. Aw! Don't they make a cute couple? And by cute, I mean nauseating!

Derpy Whooves/Time Turner

Derpy + Doctor by *Shinta-Girl on deviantART

I was a bit skeptical of this shipping. I'd imagine Derpy would be more of an assistant than a partner for the Doctor, sort of like Rose. But hey, shippings grow on you. A time lord with infinite knowledge paired with one of the dumbest pegasi in Ponyville? Well, they do say opposites attract.

Wibbly Wobbly Lovey Wovey by *ThePhoebster on deviantART

A cute picnic scene with the two. And of course, Derpy brought the muffins. And apples. At least she didn't bring pears. The Doctor hates pears!

Time and Bubbles by *DERPYLOVER on deviantART

Too. Much. Kawaii! Must. Avert. Gaze. But. Can't. Resist. KAWAII DESU NE!

Derpy Kiss by ~MLJ-Lucarias on deviantART

Derpy sneaking a quick kiss from the Doctor...upside down of course. Who does she think she is? Spidermare?

I'll always be here by ~CloudDG on deviantART

Well, he is an immortal time lord and she is a common pegasus. Derpy isn't going to be around forever. But even if she does go away, their love for each other never will! ;)


MLP Ship: Cloud Chaser x Thunderlane by ~SkyCrescent on deviantART

Well, Cloudchaser seemed very close with Thunderlane in "Hurricane Fluttershy," and the two do go to Wonderbolt Academy together. Seems like an obvious shipping to me. Though that raise the question of whom Cloudflitter is shipped with?

Cloudchaser x Thunderlane by ~VegaNya on deviantART

You can almost say they're on...Cloud 9! (rimshot)

Thunderlane and Cloudchaser by ~Groxy-Cyber-Soul on deviantART

The two snuggling really close together. Who knows? Maybe they'll...cook up a storm together? (rimshot)

Cloudchaser and Thunder by ~XMgLX on deviantART

Really cute close-up shot of the two.

ThunderChaser by *Illu-Mint on deviantART

What's this? A 3D rendering? In a fan art post? Finally!


Trotting-thru-the-field by *caluriri on deviantART

When these two first met in "Over A Barrel," it was obvious that they were smitten with each other. Very obvious! In fact, I was half-expecting the episode to play out like "Romeo and Juliet" or "Pocahontas" with these two trying to console their respective sides through the power of their love. Unfortunately, we wound up with a war instigated through Pinkie Pie's singing and ended with the love of apple pies. Well, at least I can say the episode went against my expectations, which I guess is a good thing.

Heartburn- Nights in White Satin by ~Hasana-chan on deviantART

Don't get any ideas. They're just passionately kissing and nothing more. Or are they?

First Date by ~thelivingmachine02 on deviantART

A romantic picture of the two as humans.

Never Wonder What They're Worth by ~Hasana-chan on deviantART

Another more intimate humanization of the two.

Fancy Pants/Fleur-De-Lis

Fleur and Fancypants by *KP-ShadowSquirrel on deviantART

I know most people like to ship Fancy Pants with Rarity, but let's be honest: Fancy Pants seems a bit old for Rarity--and I know that probably sounds hypocritical coming from a guy who likes her shipped with Spike. And it only makes sense that Fancy Pants would be shipped with Fleur as we're introduced to the two together. That clearly show's they dating, if not close friends.

Exquisite Company by *atryl on deviantART

Is it just me, or does Fleur look like Princess Zelda in that dress?

I don't always become a human... by *Sallymon on deviantART

...but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends!

fancypants y fleur de lis by ~rainygami on deviantART

Yet another humanization.

Queen Chrysalis/King Sombra

MLP--Evil Royalty by *intelligent-zombie on deviantART

I used to prefer Queen Chrysalis shipped with Discord, but now that Discord has turned to the light side, King Sombra seems like the next plausible shipping partner. And they would seem to go well together, both being evil royal figure. Though I would suspect that they would hook up as a matter of shared power rather than for romantic interest, as has been the case in the past with other royal pairings.

Still beautiful no matter what by ~SkitzOpheliac on deviantART

Sombra knows exactly what the ladies wants.

You're awful... I love you! by ~SkitzOpheliac on deviantART

This picture makes me wonder if the combined power of Chrysalis and Shining Armor would have the same effect as Cadence and Shining Armor. Perhaps. But obviously Cadence and SA would overpower them hands down.

The King's bed by ~Yula568 on deviantART

These two look good with their hair down. Wait a minute. Their hair is always down. Well, at least they look better in candlelight.

You are my most precious crystal [colored version] by *Anzu18 on deviantART

I wonder which would be worse: Chrysalis and Sombra having a child, or Pinkie Pie and Discord? No contest! Pinkie and Discord having a child would threaten the fabric of space and time. "And that how Equestria was unmade!"