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Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The Games Ponies Play" Recap

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What's this? An episode recap? The day AFTER the episode premiered! Praise Celestia, it's a miracle!

I rarely post episode recaps on the weekends, usually because weekends are the busiest for me. But since I've hit a bit of a slump, I have free time to write one now.

The episode itself was...okay. The story was cliche and predictable, and it contained a few fatal flaws in its execution, but the character of Ms. Peachbottom was mildly entertaining.

Here is the episode and my thoughts on it:

The Games Ponies Play

• My suspicions were correct: This is a tie-in episode to the previous one, "Just For Sidekicks."
• Apparently the train station is only a few feet from the library.
• The Equestria Games are obviously their version of the Olympics.
• Why do I get the suspicion that this was supposed to air during Super Bowl weekend? They're both about big games.
• Confirmed: Rainbow Dash has a father!
• Twilight has the power to levitate all five of her friends.
• Twilight and Cadence greet each other with their secret handshake. ("Sunshine, Sunshine, Ladybugs Awake!")
•  How exactly do crystal mud baths work? I know they're made out of crystal, but wouldn't that be more like goo than mud? Sounds more like "Gak" to me! (And that was advertised during the "Crystal Empire" arc!)
• Not sure why Cadence has to reassure the others about the crystal mud baths, since they take mud baths all the time at the Lotus Spa. (And of course, Pinkie Pie jumps right in.)
• Is it ironic that I was recovering from the flu when this episode aired?
• Cadence wasn't kidding when she said the instructions for the Traditional Ceremonial Royal Headdress were detailed.
• Never entrust your hairstylist, or anyone, to take "shortcuts."
• For a train that was going to arrive in 50 minutes, it seemed to have arrived in 50 seconds.
• Ms. Peachbottom's cutie mark is a chicken. Hmm. Something tells me she raises chickens. (That or she's a relative of Scootaloo's!)
• Fluttershy struggles to pick up Ms. Peachbottom's bag. Either her luggage is heavy or Fluttershy is extremely weak.
• Ms. Peachbottom skips like Pinkie Pie!
• Ms. Harshwhinny looks like a pony version of Lindsey Neagle from The Simpsons. (Or at least that's what she reminded me of.)
• Rarity uses a drill to prepare Cadence's hair. Why?
• Looks like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have their own secret handshake.
• And what cheer would be complete without the Party Cannon?!
• I was going to say that Ms. Peachbottom suffers from claustrophobia, but that's the fear of small spaces. She seems more intimidated by the tall ceilings. What is the name of that fear?
• For a big castle, it seems to have easy access to the street. With no guards? Anyone can get it!
• You know, for what seems to be a simple earth pony, Ms. Peachbottom knows her architecture.
• Shining Armor is coach for the crystal pony athletes.
• You know, with the way Ms. Peachbottom was stretching her legs, you'd think she was going to be one of the athletes for the games. Apparently not.
• You'd think Ms. Peachbottom would know to jump OVER the hurdles and not through them.
• Sheesh! They chase Ms. Peachbottom to the outskirts of town. She can really run fast and far. (Are you sure she's not an athlete for the games?)
• Confirmed: Shining Armor is a prince.
• Ms. Peachbottom is from Mustangia.
• And Ms. Harshwhinny is at the spa, much to their dismay.
• Ms. Harshwhinny makes her decision based on what Ms. Peachbottom told her. Yeah, who didn't see that one coming?
• The happiness of the Crystal Empire getting the games makes the Aurora Borealis appear.

• How would have Cloudsdale hosted the Equestria Games? It's a city in the clouds, and only pegasi can walk on clouds.
• Why wouldn't the Crystal Empire be an automatic choice for the games? This was an ancient advanced civilization that was lost for a thousand years and was only recently saved. What better way to celebrate its return than by hosting the biggest sports event there?
• Why would Cadence entrust Rarity with styling the Traditional Royal Ceremonial Headdress rather than the other Crystal hairstylists? Seems like they would be more experienced to attempt it than Rarity. Furthermore, why don't the other stylists know how to do it? You'd think crystal pony hair stylists would be trained to do that, even if it was rare.
• Important Question: Why did the other ponies not ask the pony at the station for her name? Seems to me like that could have easily prevented all of this mess in the first place! Did they really assume that there would only be one pony there with a floral-pattern suitcase?
• Why is Ms. Peachbottom's cutie mark a chicken? Shouldn't it be a peach?

• Rainbow Dash screaming "No!"
• Pinkie screaming "No!"
• Mane 6 try to practice moves on the train car, which stops abruptly.
• The crushing wave of disappointment on the young crystal colt's face ("That right there!")
• Pinkie Jumps into the crystal mud...or rather, crystal Jell-O!
• Twilight and Cadence's breathing exercise.
• Princess Cadence's botched hairstyle.
• Rainbow Dash making Fluttershy's nose go "Twang!"
• The Mane 6's cheer (or rather, Mane 5!)
• Rarity turning Twilight's hair "into a porcupine."
• Pinkie making faces at Ms. Peachbottom.
• Rainbow Dash splatting on the glass roof, and slowly sliding off. (None of which fazes Rarity!)
• The way Ms. Peachbotttom tilts her head when asked she is the inspector.
• Rainbow Dash cheering with the colt from before in her arms.

Pinkie: NNNOOOOOOOO! (Everyone stares at her.) What? I was only answering Twilight's question.

Train Conductor: Crystal Empire, ladies. Watch your step leaving the train.
Applejack: Probably should have watched our step while we were still on it, too.

Pinkie: Wow! The Crystal Empire looks crystally-er than ever.

Cadence: So, how's it going so far?
Rarity: Oh I' sorry. It's just..oh so complicated. I can fix it.
Cadence: Fix what?
Rarity: Well I was I...I...I was looking for shortcuts, and I thought Step 12 was optional. But it's not!

Rarity: Princess Cadence isn't ready. Something's gone terribly wrong.
Twilight: C'mon, how bad can it be?
Rarity: Imagine her mane turned into a porcupine.

Pinkie: So you see this here? Um, this is, um, this is a big  round room. It's known for it's roundness. And bigness. And did I mention that it's round.
Peachbottom: I think they call it a rotunda.

Peachbottom: You know, love this sort of architecture. I detect a neo-gothic impetration in the design. Yes?

Applejack: Where's Cadence? Please tell me she's right behind you.
Twilight: There's a bit of a problem with her headdress. How's it going here?
Pinkie Pie: Boingy! Boingy! Boingy!

Shining Armor: C'mon gang, are we going to gallop, or are we going to trot?

Peachbottom: Nothing like a good run to shake the cobwebs off these old bones!

Rainbow Dash: you're...gasp...enjoying your visit...gasp! Well, I'


Cadence: What was wrong with your welcome?
Ms. Harshwhinny: There wasn't one!

Pinkie Pie: Cinnamon bun? (Squee!)