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Friday, February 1, 2013

Top 11 Most Disturbing Pony Fandoms Portal

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably already familiar with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and don’t need an introduction to it. Despite being the fourth incarnation of an 80s little girls' cartoon, the show has become famous for going one step beyond most other children’s shows by offering well-written storylines, developed characters, and memorable musical numbers.

The sheer effort put into the show has allowed it to garner a large fan base outside of its targeted demographic of little girls, even attracting the interests of young adult men, or as they’re called on the internet, “bronies." It’s impossible to browse the internet these days without running across Pony-related fan material—be it art, fiction, animations, videos, music, or even internet memes.

The show’s creators are well-aware of their fans and have openly embraced them on the internet. Lauren Faust and other creators directly communicate with fans on YouTube, deviantART, and Twitter. Hasbro has forged a close alliance with the fan blog Equestira Daily by sharing material from the show including full-length episodes. But best of all, many fan material has helped influence the cartoon. For example, the character Derpy Hooves started out as a background character with a simple animation error, but as her popularity grew on the internet, the creators began incorporating her more into the show until she finally had her own speaking role in a season two episode. Overall, the fanbase has offered creative material that has proven both inspirational and influential.

But like every other fanbase, this one has a dark side to it. For despite the cartoon being sugar and spice and everything nice, it has managed to inspire material that’s quite the opposite: dark, scary, creepy, gory, grotesque, vulgar, and even mature. These fandoms can either briefly cause mild discomfort or they can permanently ruin one’s perception of the show. Either way, they come off as rather, well, disturbing. By “disturbing,” that’s not to say they’re all bad—in fact, some of them are pretty decent; but they always leave you feeling uneasy afterwards and wondering how the hell they could possibly be inspired by a little girl’s cartoon.

So to cover this bizarre topic, I will be counting down the Top 11 Most Disturbing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandoms. (Why Top 11? If you watch the Nostalgia Critic, you should know by now.) I will be covering and discussing a wide-range of material from fan art and fan fiction to even fan videos and fan games. But needless to say, they're all "disturbing" in their own way.

As a fair warning, if you wish to preserve your perception of the show as being sweet and innocent, then you should probably avoid this list. But if you don’t mind the occasional mindrape of your favorite cartoon show, by all means, follow and read at your own risk. (But don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Click on the links below to view my entries on this list:

#11: Apple Jack/Big Macintosh Shipping

#10: Story of the Blanks

#9: Tyrranux

#8: Gavalanche


#6: Princess Molestia

#5: Pony Porn/Megasweet

#4: Luna Game

#3: Cupcakes

#2: Sweet Apple Massacre

#1: ???

Honorable Mentions