Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away"

So exclaims a two-page magazine spread featured in a publication by the "Religion of Peace."

The spread, which features pastor Terry Jones getting shot in the head, along with a hit-list of those "Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam," is featured in the most recent edition of the Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire.

Yeah, al-Qaeda has a magazine. I know! Weird, right?

You have to admire the unintentional paradox of exclaiming "a bullet a day keeps the infidel away" while wishing "peace be upon" the prophet Mohammad.

With obvious calls to violence like this, can we quite with the false equivalency between the "Christian Taliban" and the real Taliban? Radical Christians are not as dangerous as radical Muslims. "Radical" Christians tell you you're going to hell. Radical Muslims will send you there!

Next time you hear a cultural relativist claim that fundamentalist Christians and Muslims are the same, show them this spread, and demand that they show a similar example from a fundamentalist Christian. (And no, Sarah Palin's target map does not count. It's not even comparable!)