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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Debating "Rape Culture" With Linkara and Chick

Last night, I was involved with my first heated Twitter debate, and ironically enough, it was with two of my favorite internet reviewers: Linkara and Nostalgia Chick.

Lewis, Lindsay, in the slim chance either of you are reading this, I mean no ill-will towards either of you. I enjoy your reviews immensely.

However, you two should stick to reviewing comic books and movies. Political commentary is not your forte.

Anyway, the entire debacle started when Lindsay tweeted this:
@Linkara19 @krameralex95 Who fuckin cares if women are like... in any way oppressed... I mean they can vote and hold office.
And herein lies the problem I have with feminists: we have a fundamental difference in what constitutes "oppression."

To me, people suffer "oppression" when they are systematically denied the same rights that everyone else in society has, thus relegating them to second-class citizens.

However, feminists like Lindsay believe that "oppression" also constitutes differing societal expectations of the two genders.

This isn't oppression. This is human nature, and considering how our species is sexually-dimorphic, it's something to be expected.

I tried explaining this in my reply to her:
@thelindsayellis @linkara19 @krameralex95 If they can vote and hold office, then they're hardly being oppressed, now are they?
To which Linkara interjected:
@BlameThe1st @thelindsayellis @krameralex95 Yeah, so virgin/whore dichotomies are a myth and rape culture doesn't exist. Thanks.''
See what I mean? A fundamental difference in what constitutes "oppression."

Who cares if women have the exact same rights as men? Some have to endure being called "sluts," and that's just as bad as not being able to vote! (Rolls eyes)

And then Lindsay added:
@BlameThe1st @Linkara19 I was dearly hoping you weren't going to tweet at me again, bro. We have ungodly high rape rates. Something is up.
Ah yes, the "rape culture" claim. If that were true, and American society permitted rape, then it would only follow that sexual assault rates would be through the roof. However, seeing as how such rates have been on the decline over the past 20 years, that hardly seems to be the case.

Now many have brought up on Twitter that the stats I cited were over three years old and only covered "reported" rape. However, I feel they still count. Three years is hardly a huge time gap, so they're still relevant.

As for "unreported" rape, it's hard to determine them since they are unreported. So reported rape is the only thing we have to go by.

But then Lindsay had to reply with this:
@BlameThe1st @Linkara19 Good. Then clearly I'm imagining the sexual harassment I get every time I go to a bar.
WTF? The discussion is on rape. I bring up rape statistics. Lindsay brings up sexual harassment statistics. Not the same thing! That's like having a discussion on traffic accidents and bringing up car theft! Non Sequitur!

Then someone named Lotus Prince interjected with this gem:
@BlameThe1st @Linkara19 @thelindsayellis @krameralex95 "Other countries have more" =/= "Don't worry about it an America."
No. That's not what I'm saying! Rape is a problem here, yes, but compared to countries with real "rape cultures" like the Congo and India, it isn't that big of a problem.

Over here, rape and other forms of sexual assault are on the decline, while over there, it's so permissible that no one even cares. Thus why I don't believe America is a "rape culture."

Perspective, people!

And to top of this guy's blatant anti-intellectualism, he added:
@BlameThe1st @thelindsayellis @Linkara19 And it's not at zero.
No. It's not zero. It never will be zero. Ever.

Zero is not an attainable goal, so setting it as one is not reasonable. The fact that sexual assault rates are not at zero does not prove that America is a rape culture. If that were the case, then every country on the frigging planet is!

What matters is that rape in this country is on the decline. DECLINE! And has been for over two decades! The same is true for violent crime as a whole!

America does not have a rape problem. America does not have a violence problem. On the contrary, America is becoming an increasingly safer country to live in.

So don't worry. Be happy!

To add to the overall fail, one person even tried to cite the recent Steubenville rape case as proof that America is a rape culture.

Anyone who has visited my Tumblr and Twitter accounts know how I feel about that. It was a sickening event that should have never happened.

With that said, it was only one incident in one town, and thus not indicative of the country as a whole. Using it as proof is anecdotal evidence, and thus not reliable.

I bluntly explained that in a reply, to which Linkara replied in the most face-palming leap of logic I have ever witnessed from him:
@BlameThe1st @Slatefield @Alfougin ...Are you suggsting that the stuff happening around Steubenville didn't happen? I'm with Lindsay. Done.
WTF? Where the hell did I say that? Where? When? How?

How do you get "Steubenville didn't happen" from "Isolated incident; anecdotal evidence"?

For a guy who makes a living reviewing comic books, something is extremely wrong with Linkara's reading comprehension here.

And with that, the conversation ended. There's more fail within it, but if you'll have to visit the conversation to see it for yourself.

I warn you: you will facepalm!

Again, Lindasy, Lewis, I love you both and your work, but please stay clear from politics.