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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gov Did It!

With insipid drivel like this, perhaps "Big Think" should consider renaming itself to "Little Think."

In his recent blog post, Orion Jones shared an infographic showing how the 20th century was the least violent period in history.

And to what does he attribute this lack of death? Government, of course! What evidence does he have to support his claim? None whatsoever!

You know, I'd say that this is as equally pathetic as young-earth creationists trying to credit life in the universe by yelling "God Did It!" but that would be unfair--to the creationists!

To their credit, at least creationists try to provide some rationale and evidence for their beliefs. They argue that complexity in the universe and in the lifeforms that inhabit it are the result of intelligent design, and then try to prove their hypothesis by pointing to examples of "design" in nature that could only result from an "intelligent designer" rather than through "random chance and accident."

Accept it or reject it, you have to at least admit that this explanation is far more intellectually honest than statists trying to credit non-violence among human beings by yelling "Gov did it!"

Okay, to be fair, he does provide a citation to back up his claim: a selection from Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan--you know, the same Hobbes whose ideas about absolute monarchy and the divine rights of kings have long since been rejected by Western civilization.

Again, perhaps the site should rename itself to "Little Think."