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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homelessness On The Rise In NYC Under Bloomberg

How do you know a politician like Michael Bloomberg is lying? He claims he cares about the poor and homeless!

The NYC mayor recently drew criticism following his remark that "nobody's sleeping on the streets" in response to concerns about shelters turning people away.

Now he faces even harsher criticism in light of a report that reveals that homelessness in his city has increased 19 percent since last year and 61 percent since he took office over a decade ago:
A new report reveals the number of people living in homeless shelters has surpassed 50,000 people a night-- a record high for the city and a 19 percent jump from last year.

And although the rise is a reflection of a broader national trend, the Coalition for the Homeless believes the problems facing New York City are much more alarming.

In fact, the startling numbers show a sharp increase in child homelessness with more than 21,000 children forced to seek shelter each night in January.

Single adult homelessness is also at all time high levels with 10,840 homeless single adults occupying shelters each night.

Back in September, Patrick Markee of the Coalition for the Homeless commented on the rising numbers and said, "Not since the grim days of the Great Depression has New York City had 20,000 children sleeping homeless each night."

The latest report is highly critical of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, noting a 61 percent increase in the city's homeless population since Bloomberg took office in 2002.
Allow me to rip off The Amazing Atheist:

Who sicked the police on the Occupy Wall Street movement? Bloom-turd!

Who wants to ban all sodas over 16-ounces? Bloom-turd!

Who thinks that the police should not serve and protect you if you happen to be a gun-owner? Bloom-turd!

Who wants to force hospitalized mothers to breastfeed their infants? Bloom-turd!

Who wants to prevent New Yorkers from smoking in their own homes? Bloom-turd!

Who banned food donations to city homeless shelters? Bloom-turd!

Who doesn't give a flying feather about homelessness in his own city?

This mother-feather. Right. Over. Here. Mr. Michael. Bloom. Turd!

No offense to actual turds!