Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Second-Grader Suspended For "Pop Tart" Gun

First, you hear about a kindergartner getting suspended for playing with a pink soap bubble gun, and you think to yourself, "How can it get any worse than that?"

Then, you hear about the fifth-grader getting suspended for playing with a torn piece of paper like a toy gun.

"Okay, that was pretty smegging stupid," you say, "but it can't get any dumber than that. What could possibly be dumber than that?!"

Well, just recently, a second-grader was suspended for shaping a "pop tart" into a gun and playing with it.

Oh yes, those toaster pastries may look innocent enough, but they can be lethal weapons, especially with their hot fruit-flavored fillings. Some poor kid could end up mildly-scolding their tongue!

But we can rest assured that, despite the stupid reason for this suspension, things cannot get any dumber than this.

It's not like a student was suspended for making gun gestures with their fingers and shouting "Pew! Pew!"

Wait! That actually happened?! Son of a...

With such incompetent school administrators in charge of our public schools, is it any wonder why more and more parents are losing faith in them to teach their children?