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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vox Day Is One Sick Puppy

When I heard about Vox Day, I was ecstatic to learn about a prominent and outspoken Christian libertarian blogger.

I have since downloaded his e-book The Irrational Atheist, which I found to be a thorough and witty critique of the New Atheists and their arguments. So I only assume that his blog posts would be equally as witty and insightful.

Then I read his blog. Turns out the man is a nutter!

You know how most leftists consider libertarians to be privileged white boys trying to desperately protect their "privilege"? Well, Vox Day would be one reason why they assume that.

For starters, Vox Day once argued that working women were more detrimental to society than rapists.

I wish I was kidding!

But that's nothing compared to what he wrote earlier this week.

Last Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported on a 56-year-old Indian man who was assaulted on a tram in Manchester. He was punched in the face 18 times, resulting in two black eyes and a concussion. What makes matters worse is that the tram was packed with over 200 people and not a single person allegedly came to his rescue.

Why did no one step forward to stop this brutal attack? According to Vox Day, it was because the victim was an "invader" who deserved it. Why is he considered an "invader"? Because he committed the "crime" of immigrating to Great Britain.

Again, I wish I were kidding:
Immigration is when a small number of foreigners are permitted to settle within a country by the native people.  Invasion is when tens of thousands or more foreigners settle in a country against the wishes of the native people, regardless of whether they happen to be armed or not. Both Europe and the USA have suffered quiet and undeclared large-scale invasions; only now are the natives beginning to wake up and become restless.
You know, at least when I complain about "immigrants," my gripes are with the "illegals." I only have a problem with "immigrants" if they come here illegally, remain here undocumented, and refuse to pay taxes, learn English, and assimilate into our culture.

Otherwise, I have no problem with them. In fact, I gladly welcome them into our country, and only wish that our immigration process wasn't so contrived as to force them to arrive illegally rather than legally.

Vox Day, on the other hand, seems to be one of those "types" who opposes any immigration, legal or otherwise. To him, America is for Americans and Britain is for the British--by which, of course, he means white people. Foreigners are apparently unwelcomed "invaders" who need to be kicked out, even if it means a bullet to the head.

But the victim wasn't an "invader." He was an immigrant who arrived in Great Britain over 30 years ago through the country's immigration process. The fact that he was approved proves that he was invited; otherwise, he would be an "illegal" immigrant.

But of course, it doesn't matter if the man was legal or not. To Vox Day, he's yet another brown person undermining white culture:
Multiculturalism is worse than murder.  It is even worse than mass murder, being more akin to genocide. It is attempted sociocide.
Really? Multiculturalism is murder? Is that why our most prosperous time as a nation was the 19th century when we experienced our highest influx in immigration as the "Great American Melting Pot"?

I don't think that's a coincidence. When you invite people into your country to seek a better life for themselves through hard work, the end result is increased living standards for everyone.  That combined with our laissez-faire capitalism and our rugged individualism helped make us the most prosperous nation on earth.

Yes, multiculturalism can be a problem if the immigrants involved refuse to assimilate into the host culture. But otherwise, multiculturalism benefits us as a nation by combing other cultures with our own, creating a stronger culture. After all, a beam forged from many metals is stronger than one forged from only one metal.

But apparently, we as a society should reject immigrants and force them out of our country, even if it means beating the crap out of them. After all, other countries do it:
As for the self-hating fifth columnists who piously mouth PC sacraments like "racists have no place in our society", I suggest they go and try settling in India or Jamaica or Nigeria so they can discover how the people they are so eagerly welcoming to settle in their country truly feel about racial differences.
Oh, so because third world countries treat their immigrants like crap, we as a more civilized first world country should treat ours like crap as well.

Oh wait, I think I have that backwards: because we are a more civilized society, we should not stoop to the level of third world savages by beating the tar our of anyone wishing to settle here.

So yeah, Vox, when you advocate such savage behavior, don't act surprise when others call you out as a savage.