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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vox Day Supports Sharia Law (Sort Of!)

Libertarians like myself are often accused by feminists of being rich white men desperately clinging onto their privilege and trying to protect it from "dah womenz." We are accused of wanting to keep women "in their place" and trying to tell them what to do with their lives.

But that's far from the case. Libertarians like myself do not wish to dictate what women should do with their lives. We don't wish to dictate what anyone should do with their lives. We simply want to live our own lives and allow others to do likewise provided they harm no one.

As a libertarian, I simply don't care how women live their lives. If they want to be stay-at-home moms, so be it. If they want to be working women, so be it. If they want to be strippers or streetwalkers, while I may find that morally degrading, so be it. They should have the freedom to live their lives however they choose provided they harm no one else.

My gripes with feminists is not that they want equal rights for women. Far from it. I do want women to have the same rights as men. (Which they already have!) My gripes with modern feminism is two-fold: they often seek special privileges rather than equal rights (i.e.: gender employment quotas, taxpayer-funded birth control) and they tend to complain about non-issues (i.e.: being asked for coffee on elevators, overhearing sex jokes at conventions). Other than that, libertarians like myself have no qualms with feminists or "gender equality."

But then there are "libertarians" like Vox Day.

I really want to like Vox Day. I really do. Aside from being a Christian and "libertarian" blogger, he's also a musician, science fiction novelist, video game designer, and Mensa society member. In short, he's a hardcore geek!

He has all the potential to be epic win; and yet, when I read his blog, he's revealed to be epic fail.

I recently blogged about how he hates immigrants, or as he calls them, "invaders." But he also has an equal distaste for women.

I already mentioned how he believes women working are more detrimental to society than women being raped. Conversely, he also believes that denying women education, throwing acid in their faces, and mutilating their genitals benefits society because it reduces their promiscuity, which he claims is the root of most social ills.

So is it any real surprise when he claims Islamic regimes are the best examples of a "sustainable society"?

In a recent blog post, he rails against Planned Parenthood for lobbying to legalize post-birth abortions, which I agree are abhorrent. He uses this as an example of how feminists seek special privileges for women rather than equal rights, which I agree is deplorable.

But it's by the next paragraph where he starts to lose me:
Civilization has always depended upon the collaborative effort of men and women to restrain the darker and more chaotic aspects of women's nature. Women are more important to the sustainability of a society, which is why a society that can survive the bad behavior of its young males cannot survive similarly bad behavior on the part of its young females.
Huh? What exactly are the "darker and more chaotic aspects of women's nature," and what constitutes restraining them? And why is it worse for women to behave badly than men?

He never once explains this or elaborates on it. Judging from his previous blog posts, I can only assume that, by women's "darker and more chaotic" nature, he means their promiscuity, and by "restraining them," he means keeping them at home chained to the stove barefoot and pregnant and demanding them to make him a sandwich.

And how exactly does he expect society to keep women in their place like this? Does he expect the state to force them to abide by these repressive gender roles? Wouldn't that be the anti-thesis of libertarianism? I mean, he wouldn't go so far as to yearn for a patriarchal theocracy, right? Right?
Islamic society is one example of the result of the civilizational burden falling upon men alone.  It isn't ideal, but it is observably preferable, and observably more sustainable, than the catastrophic state in which Western society presently finds itself.
You heard that right: "Christian" and "libertarian" Vox Day just advocated for an Islamic regime. Do I even need to explain what is wrong with this from a Christian and libertarian perspective, let alone a humanitarian one?

And the ironic thing is that Vox Day seems to be one of those "types" who fears America being taken over by Sharia law. Even if that were a real threat, which it isn't, why would Vox Day oppose it? After all, he just said Islamic theocracy is the more sustainable form of society compared to our Western democracy.

He then goes on to rant about how "women's rights" is the central cause of every societal ill, from the oncoming triple-dip recession to monetary inflation to targeted assassinations of American citizens. Why? Because vagina!

Vox Day, if you're reading this, do us all a huge favor and stop calling yourself a libertarian. If you insist on dictating what women do with their lives, why not call yourself what you really are: a patriarchal theocrat!