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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anti-Gun Idiot: Gov Can't Confiscate Your Guns

Never underestimate the predictability of the stupidity of anti-gun nuts.

Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen penned an anti-NRA screed where he predictably trashes the organization, accusing it of scaring gun owners in order to sell more guns.

The entire column reeks of your typical anti-gun, anti-NRA bullpucky, but one sentence is so facepalmingly stupid that you have to wonder what color the sky is in the alternate dimension Carl apparently resides in.

In an effort to counter the argument that a national gun registry may inevitably allow the government to easily track gun owners to confiscate their weapons, Carl replied thusly: "Oh sure. The same government that can’t afford to deliver mail on Saturdays is poised to send armed agents to every single house in the country to search for weapons."

The government already sends armed agents to bust down people's doors and confiscate their weed--be it medicinal or recreational. It's not a huge stretch of the imagination to assume they can send agents to do the same with guns.

In fact, I don't have to use my imagination. The government actually did that during Hurricane Katrina when they sent armed agents door-to-door to confiscate civilian arms, sometimes without warrant, and usually with excessive force.

"Oh sure. The same government that can’t provide hurricane relief after Katrina is poised to send armed agents to every single house in the country to search for weapons," I can hear Carl moan in retort.

Throughout history, totalitarian regimes from Nazi Germany to Stalinist Russia used gun registries to better confiscate civilian arms. It would be arrogant to assume it cannot happen here.

The federal government currently has the power to target American citizens for indefinite detention, lethal force, and even assassination. So excuse me for assuming that the same government arming itself against its own citizens is also disarming them in order to prevent them from fighting back. What a stupid and unfounded assumption for one to make!