Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, April 27, 2013

CISPA Is Dead--For Now!

If you've been trying to maintain faith in humanity, the past few weeks have not been the best time to do so, what with the Boston bombing, the Texas plant explosion, the ricin letters, the MIT officer's shooting, the 4/20 shooting, and all the while, our politicians exploiting these tragedies to push for more "security" and less liberty.

But take heart, comrades! With all the crap that's hit the fan within the past few weeks, some good has come of it.

Just recently, the Senate shelved CISPA, or the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act, which passed the House last week. So not only did the Senate manage to curb draconian gun control legislation, but it's now curbed draconian internet surveillance legislation. I'm starting to prefer the Senate over the House.

But don't get your hopes up too soon. This is hardly the end. Need I remind you that this is the SECOND time Congress tried to pass CISPA, and it will hardly be the last. Our government is dead-set at limiting our freedoms as individual citizens, especially when it comes to the Internet. Its past few attempts may have failed, but mark my words, it will not stop until it has the Internet under its Orwellian control. The fight for liberty is a constant battle, and we must remain ever vigilant.