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Friday, April 19, 2013

Jon Stewart Wrong On Guns

Jon Stewart tends to be right about many things. Gun control isn't one of them.

As with most other liberal media pundits, Stewart has lamented the Senate's defeat of stricter gun legislation.

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The people in our country who've spent millions of dollars getting elected into a legislative body known as the Senate are making the argument "there's really no point in making laws because criminals are just going to end up breaking them."
Stewart is a smart man, probably the smartest in the media. I know he is smarter than this. He knows that stricter security measures have done nothing to prevent terrorist attacks. He knows that stricter drug laws have done squat to prevent drug trafficking. But yet he cannot seem to apply this same logic to guns. If the "War on Terror" hasn't prevented terrorism, and the "War on Drugs" hasn't prevented drug use, what makes him think a "War on Guns" is going to prevent gun violence?

I could easily cite statistics proving that gun laws have no effect on gun violence, but I don't feel I have to. At this point, claiming that stricter gun laws will prevent gun violence is akin to claiming leeches will cure typhoid fever. There is simply too much scientific and empirical evidence to the contrary. Anyone who believes otherwise should be mocked like those who believe the earth is the center of the universe.