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Friday, April 5, 2013

No, Vox, You ARE Misogynistic!

I know you all are probably getting tired of me ranting about Vox Day, but by Celestia's royal mane, I can't help it! I simply can't tolerate how this woman-hater gets away calling himself a "Christian libertarian" when he's clearly neither "Christian" nor "libertarian."

And I don't know which is worse: his misogyny, or the pseudo-intellectualism he uses to defend it. Take for instance the faulty reasoning he uses to explain why women shouldn't have the same rights as men:
Because women are collectively more short-sighted and more self-centered than men, giving them an equal voice in society is tantamount to a slow-motion execution for any society.  This is not theoretical, it is observable, as the equalitarian societies of Europe are already demographically in demise and in the process of losing their democracies and their property rights.

I understand that many people believe women's rights are important.  But are they more important than property rights?  Are they more important than democracy? What those who support women's rights are understandably reluctant to accept is that equalitarianism necessarily requires the elimination of democracy, property rights, freedom of movement, and even, in the end, capitalism and most of the tenets of Western civilization.  But like it or not, that is the choice that has been made, and is being made, even today.

The Founding Fathers of the USA were no more mindless sexists than the Conscript Fathers of the Roman Senate.  They knew full well what would happen if sexual equality was ever granted.  It is not a coincidence, still less ironic, that those who built the greatest and freest human societies have always vehemently opposed women's rights, while the totalitarians who most avidly sought to curtail human freedom it have tended to support them.
And this is the main problem I have with Vox Day: he tries to justify denying women individual rights using collectivist thought. To him, because women are collectively more "short-sighted" and "self-centered" as a gender, they are unworthy of the same individual rights as men. Vox Day is essentially using collectivism to argue against individualism. Some libertarian he is!

Even if there was empirical, scientific evidence that suggested women were more "selfish" than men--which there isn't--so what? Individual rights, by their very nature, are determined by individuals, not collectives.

The only factor that determines our individual rights is our humanity. Unlike animals, human beings have rights because our mental cognition allows us the capacity to be self-aware, or to recognize ourselves as autonomous individuals; as such, we recognize our need for certain rights such as life, liberty, and property in order to preserve our individual existence.

So the only factor that determines whether women have the same individual rights as men is whether or not they are human. If women are human, than they are entitled to the same individual rights endowed to all human beings. Women are human; therefore, they have human rights. It's that simple!

As such, there is nothing contradictory about "women's rights" and natural law; to the contrary, "women's rights" are the very extension of the belief that all human beings are created equal and endowed with inalienable, imprescriptible rights. The fact that we recognized women as human beings deserving of the same rights as men has not undermined Western civilization, it has only propagated it!

Granted, there are problems with feminism--or at least its modern incarnation, which is but a farce of the original. Originally, Feminism was about women having the same rights as men; now, it demands that women have more rights. Men do not have the right to kill their unwanted children or to demand special consideration in employment or to be protected from "offensive" speech, yet feminists suggest that abortion, gender quotas, and speech codes are all required for "women's rights." Those are not rights. Those are privileges!

But that's my gripe with feminism. Vox Day, on the other hand, seems to have a problem with women having rights at all, even the most basic rights such as voting or working outside the home. To him, women having the exact rights as men undermines Western civilization.

What proof does he have to support this chauvinistic assertion? None, of course!

Well, okay, he uses Europe as anecdotal evidence. Apparently, the entire continent is crumbling--not because of economic instability brought upon by central planning, excessive taxation, welfarism, and monetary inflation--but because women have rights!

And even when people point out his blatant misogynistic nonsense, he refuse to acknowledge it--which I guess is to be expected of any bigot. To him, his denial of women's rights stems not from a deep-seated hatred of women, but on reality. After all, reality has a misogynistic bias! (Why does that sound so familiar?)

But he guarantees that no one has to take his word for it, as he plans on creating a series of posts where he will empirically demonstrate why women are inferior to men and why the deserve no other right than to be chained in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant making him a sandwich.

Have at you, Vox! We'll be waiting for you vain attempts to defend your misogyny!