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Friday, April 19, 2013

Professor Forced Pupils To Vote Obama

"I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket."

I want you to read that statement over and over again until you become angry enough to punch your computer screen. (But don't, otherwise you won't be able to read my blog post!)

A college professor actually required her students to sign this pledge in one of the classrooms at one of the public universities responsible for "educating" our children.

Yes, some left-wing radical professor--the stereotype you'd imagine a left-wing radical professor to be like--required her students to vote for Obama and the Democrats during the last election.

Political indoctrination doesn't become anymore blatant than this!

The good news is that this professor was fired; the bad news, she was allowed to teach in the first place!

This has to be the fourth time I talked about indoctrination in higher education.

First, there was the professor who told students that rape was okay as long as the girl was unconscious.

Then, there was the professor who called Republicans "angry old white men" and called for illegal voter suppression tactics against them.

Then, there was the professor who nearly cost a student his academic career and future merely for saying the f-word in a private conversation.

Now, we have this professor forcing students to vote for a political candidate and party.

How many "professors" have to be caught teaching our children bullspit until we realize that there is a serious problem with "higher education"?

At what point do we realize that our public "education" system is not designed for education, but rather indoctrination?

At what point do we realize that the "education" system is not designed to train the future generation to be critical freethinkers, but rather to be mindless automatons that unquestioningly serve the corporate state and the political elite that run it?

How many high school students have to graduate without basic math or reading skills until we realize that our "education" system is intentionally dumbing down the population?

How far do we have to drop in worldwide academic and education standards until we realize that our "education" system is a farce?

The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one. When will the American people admit that we have an education problem--no, an education crisis?

Oh sure, some Americans realize we have a problem, but most suggest superficial solutions like "throw more money at it!"

No! Education funding is not the problem! We spend more on education per student per capita than any other country save Switzerland.

Trying to fix our broken education system by funneling more taxpayer money into it is like trying to fix a broken car by pumping more gasoline into the tank. You can fill the tank until it overflows, but until you fix the car, it isn't going to run.

That is where we are with our education system. We don't need to feed it more taxpayer dollars. We need to reform it. Heck, we need to scrap the entire system and create a new one from scratch.

But of course, the first step in doing this is to make people realize the system is broken to begin with, and it simply isn't going to happen as long as the people are programmed to reject any criticism of the system as "anti-intellectual" or "anti-education."