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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stupid Anti-Gun Memes

Following the defeat of anti-gun legislation in the Senate, the left-wing blogosphere has exploded with face-palmingly stupid anti-gun memes. I spent most of last night scrolling through these memes on Tumblr, and I've decided to vent my frustration with them by debunking them one by one.

This is the most prominent meme, and as with most other gun control arguments (as well as any argument for limited rights), it relies on the "think of the children" mentality.

This is simply a false equivalency. First of all, kids play with Kinder Eggs, they do not play with guns. Second, Kinder eggs are a direct threat to children, as they contain small toys they could easily choke on, while a gun is an indirect threat to children, as some maniac could easily shoot them with it. Not everyone who owns a gun wants to shoot children.

For the record, banning Kinder eggs is BS, but so is banning assault weapons. Assault weapon bans will not prevent school shootings like Sandy Hook. That shooting occurred in a gun-free school in a state with the strictest gun laws in the country. Adding more gun laws will do nothing to prevent a similar shooting. Period.

Because as we all know, criminals obtain their guns legally, amirite?

Any argument for stricter laws, be it for guns or drugs, can be decimated with the historic example of alcohol prohibition. During that time, alcohol was criminalized. Did that decrease alcohol use? No. It only exasperated the problem by creating a black market for it, thus increasing violent crime.

Then we have the current drug war, where drugs are criminalized. Has this decreased drug use? No. It only exasperated the problem by creating a black market for it, thus increasing violent crime.

And yes, I realize background checks will not criminalize guns. It will simply make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain guns while criminals easily obtain theirs illegally. That's the problem!

I can't tell whether this is satire or not. My suspicions are that it is; but considering how blatantly stupid it is, it probably isn't.

This meme is simply disingenuous. There are numerous examples of armed homeowners defending themselves from invaders. The most recent example involves two men who were shot dead by an armed homeowner while attempting to break into his Fayetteville home last week.

There are hundreds of similar instances, and they can be found with a simple internet search for "armed home invaders." Anyone who claims guns can't protect you from home invasion are either ignorant or lying.

This meme relies on the "90 percent of Americas support background checks" statistic, which has proven to be pure BS! But even if it was legit, so what? My rights are not subject to majority rule. If 90 percent of Americans were against gay marriage, would that justify outlawing gay marriage? If 90 percent of Americans were for warrantless wiretaps, would that justify the PATRIOT ACT? Hell no! We are a republic, not a democracy. Democratic votes are only legitimate provided they do not contradict natural rights.

Ah yes, Australia! Whenever the anti-gun crowd wants an example of "effective" gun control, they always turn to the land down under.

First of all, mass shootings are aberrations when it comes to violent crime, and thus should not be used as indicators of violent crime rates. Norway has stricter gun control than Australia, and yet it didn't stop Anders Behring Breivik from gunning down 77 people.

As for Australia, numerous studies have shown that its stricter gun laws have had little effect on its homicide or suicide rates. Homicide may have decreased after its assault weapons ban, but homicide had been decreasing BFEORE the ban. And while Australia may have had zero mass shootings, the same can be said of its neighbor New Zealand, which does not have its same strict gun laws.

And pretty much any argument for stricter gun control can be shot down (no pun intended) with Switzerland. The country has laxer gun laws compared to its European neighbors, with the highest gun ownership rates in the world, and yet as the BBC reports, "the gun crime rate is so low that statistics are never kept."

If gun control advocates are as dumb as the memes they create, then its no wonder that their legislation always loses.