Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yugioh Abridged Vs. The Police State

The following episode of Yugioh Season Zero Abridged contains a joke about the "YouTube Police Department" which can easily be a critique of the current police state:

Yugi: Have you ever arrested someone who was innocent?

Officer: Oh, all the time! It's crazy how many people we arrest that didn't do anything. I mean, we probably arrest more innocent people than we do criminals. He he he. It's crazy!

Yugi: Doesn't that seem like kind of a flawed system?

Officer: Of course not! This way, everybody who breaks the law gets punished.

[This is what the YPD actually believes]

Yugi: But so do the innocent people.

Officer: Look, I don't claim to understand the law. I just enforce it, blindy and without hesitation.