Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Conservatives Refuse To Buy "Energy-Saving" Lightbulbs

A new study reveals that politically-conservative consumers are less likely to buy "green" products like "energy-saving" light bulbs:
The study looked at the choices of 210 consumers, about two-thirds of them women. All were briefed on the benefits of compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs over old-fashioned incandescents.

When both bulbs were priced the same, shoppers across the political spectrum were uniformly inclined to choose CFL bulbs over incandescents, even those with environmental labels, the study found.

But when the fluorescent bulb cost more – $1.50 instead of $0.50 for an incandescent – the conservatives who reached for the CFL bulb chose the one without the eco-friendly label.
Big surprise: Conservatives aren't gullible idiots who believe they can "save the environment" simply by buying a special light bulb.

Also, it doesn't help that these "eco-friendly" lightbulbs emit skin cancer-causing radiation. But hey, as long as you're saving Mother Earth, who cares if you develop melanoma?

Let's look past the bullspit facade of "green" products for what they really are: a cheap marketing ploy designed to prey upon fearful consumers gullible enough to believe they can prevent the world from exploding simply by buying "green" products.

Only smug self-important idiots believe they can make a significant environmental impact by driving a hybrid, eating organic, and using LED light bulbs, when the only people who benefit from these products are "green" companies that are laughing their way to the bank knowing they duped suckers into paying for a more expensive product.

Corporations profiting off of fear? Inconceivable!