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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dafuq Is Wrong With Humanity?

Just when you thought your faith in humanity couldn't plummet any lower, a news story comes along proving you wrong. This article is one such story:
A woman died on a courthouse floor because Alabama sheriff's deputies refused to give her her medicine - after arresting her for an old traffic ticket, the woman's daughter claims in court.

Ayunna Johnae London sued St. Clair County Sheriff Terry Surles, jail administrators Austin Nash and Terry Marcrum, Southern Healthcare Partners, and its employee Jennifer Eisel, in Federal Court.

London claims her mother, Dwana Voncia London-Richardson, died gasping for breath in court after callous and unconstitutional treatment from the defendants.

Richardson suffered from asthma and other serious health problems, but the defendants refused to give her her medication, accused her of faking, and let her die in the courtroom, her daughter claims.

Southern Healthcare Partners, which provided medical care to inmates at the St. Clair County Jail, failed to treat her mother properly, London says.

Her 45-year-old mother died in May 2011 at the St. Clair County Courthouse while in the sheriff's custody.
Words fail me at this point.

How do you explain everything wrong with this story? A woman died from an asthma attack because the pigs running the courthouse thought she was faking and refused to give her her medicine. Anyone with basic human freaking decency can discern why that is immoral.

But I guess those in authority of our broken justice system can't discern that, which makes you wonder why we even bother calling it a "justice" system. In a just, humane world, these deputies would have been charged with manslaughter. But we don't live in a just, humane world. We lived in a freaked-up world. If anything, these pigs will be given a slap on the wrist and placed on administrative leave.

This story pisses me off so badly that I want to unleash a string of curses, but I feel that run-of-the-mill curse words cannot convey the righteous indignation I feel over this gross act of injustice. So I'm forced to use the Elder Swear.

Sorry, Dumbledore, but these pigs forced me to use it.

Here it goes.


YOUR MOTHER IS A********************* LOREM IPSEM**************** ADMINTUM VENIUM** *********** TRAGULA **********HIPPOPOTAMUS********** REPUBLICAN *****************DANIEL RADCLIFFE*******************WITH A BUCKET OF **************IN A CASTLE FAR AWAY WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU********************SOUP**************************WITH A BUCKET OF********MICKEY MOUSE********A STICK OF DYNAMITE**************** MAGICAL******************ALAKAZAM!