Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Official Patronising of Women Day!

I hope you all have been enjoying this special day with your mother. I know I have. But if there's one group of people I'd suspect aren't happy about today, it would be the feminists.

For laughs and giggles, I decided to perform a Internet search on "Mother's Day" and "patriarchy." Wouldn't you know it? The very first thing I came across was this feminist screed published today on the Huffington Post. The title pretty much says it all: "It's the Official Patronising of Women Day: The Capitalist-Patriarchal Conspiracy of Mother's Day."

And here's just a sample of the bat-guano insanity:
I have never celebrated Mother's Day, regardless of what country I'm living in. I've always thought it was patronising twaddle invented solely to placate women and pretend that people actually value the work they do....It's patriarchal-capitalist appeasement with very little intrinsic value. It isn't a recognition of the work women do, both waged and unwaged; nor is it a recognition of the [frequent] serious consequences to childbirth.

Mother's Day, in its present form, is merely a another capitalist-patriarchal tool to beat women over the head with. It remains nothing more than a depressing attempt at brain-washing women into believing that 'their' work is valued. Women's work has never been valued.
Sheesh! You'd think feminists of all people would appreciate a holiday which celebrates women, especially the women who gave others life. But apparently, this holiday is yet another ploy by the patriarchy to keep the wymnz down!

But that only raises the question: what about Father's Day? I'm guessing feminists assume that holiday supports the patriarchy by venerating men over women. But why would Father's Day venerate men while Mother's Day denigrates women? That doesn't make sense. But then again, I'm not an insane feminist.

The rest of the screed is the same regurgitated feminist talking points about how society should look after the real "needs" of women, the least of which is banning porn and prostitution--because women would benefit greatly by having both of those activities pushed into the black market rather than legalized, regulated, and taxed like other professions, right?

And the best part about this article? The comments are disabled! A feminist censoring comments? Inconceivable!