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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Right To Know

I'm sure most of you have heard about the high school social studies teacher facing disciplinary action for informing his students about their constitutional rights.

For those of you who don't: The teacher in question, John Dryden, was responsible for having his class fill out a school survey. One of the questions inquired about illegal drug or alcohol use. He told his students that, according to the Fifth Amendment, they were not required to answer the question. This landed him in trouble with the school board, which is currently seeking disciplinary action against him. In all likelihood, he very well may be terminated.

Not only does this incident show the malevolent ineptitude of our public school system, but also the malignment of our civil liberties, to the point where informing others of them has now been considered radical.

I could rant and rave over this, but The Amazing Atheist does a poignant job of expressing my sentiments for me:

This school is basically saying tacitly that they do not want their students to know about the Constitution. They don't want students to be aware of the rights that they have. And why wouldn't they want the students to be aware? There's only one reason: because people who are aware of their rights are a lot harder to f***ing control.

The powerful people in this country, the people who really control everything, of course they have a vested interest of keeping people ignorant of their rights. If you grow the population large enough of people who just don't understand their rights, don't understand what their rights are, or why they are in place, or what the history of them is, or what situations they are meant to imply in, if people are walking around with total ignorance of that sort of thing, then the powers that be can pretty much do whatever they want. Because if people aren't aware of their rights, then their rights really don't exist.
Amen! (Ironic, considering this guy is an atheist.)

I've said it many times before: our public education system is not designed for education, but rather indoctrination. It does not seek to cultivate independent, critical thinkers. It only seeks to transform children into mindless, obedient servants of the corporate state.

And TJ is spot on about how schools are keeping students ignorant about their individual rights. Right now, in public schools across the country, children are reading textbooks that tell them "the threat of terrorism can be eliminated, the Patriot Act was not controversial and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction." This is being taught to the next generation!

Whereas students were once taught, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, that those who trade liberty for security deserve neither, they are now being programmed with the complete inverse: that they must surrender their liberty to the corporate state in order to receive its security.

Knowing all of this, if you seriously consider sending your children or future children to public school, you don't deserve to have them.