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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Students Arrested For Throwing Water Balloons

I've blogged about zero tolerance policies so much that it's not even funny. So I'm not the least bit shocked that high school students were arrested for--of all things--throwing water balloons.
Seven teenage students in North Carolina were arrested on Thursday and charged with a misdemeanor for throwing water balloons during a school prank. A parent was also arrested during the incident.

The seven boys, all between the ages of 16 and 17, threw balloons filled with tap water as an end-of-year prank at Enloe High School in Raleigh. The balloons were rumored to be filled with “other substances,” but Wake County Public School System spokeswoman Renee McCoy said “all indications” were that only water was used.

Six of the teens were charged with disorderly conduct. The seventh was charged with assault and battery for hitting a school security officer with a balloon.
So throwing a water balloon constitutes "assault and battery"? You know what? Like I said: I'm not the least bit surprised by this. If a student can be suspended for forming a Pop Tart in the shape of a gun, and another student can be arrested for performing science experiments, then of course these students are going to be charged with "battery and assault" for throwing water balloons.

What's next? Are elementary school students going to be arrested for playing cops and robbers? I can see it now: half of them will be charged for conspiring to commit a crime, and the other half will be charged with impersonating an officer. Ten bucks says that's the next headline!

But you know what I do find surprising? That one of the parents in this incident was arrested. And why? Because he tried to be reasonable.
The parent who was arrested, Kevin Hines, told WBT News 13 he saw officers acting aggressively as he drove up to the school. Hines said he tried to enter the school to talk to the principle about the situation occurring outside, but police stopped him and threatened him with a stun gun. He was charged with second-degree trespassing.
Trespassing? He's at a public school! And he's the parent of one of the students! How does this call for a tazing?

And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, guess what? It totally does! What police story would be complete without unnecessary use of brute force?
The parent of another student has filed a complaint with the Raleigh Police Department. The student, who was not arrested, was allegedly slammed into a concrete sidewalk by the officers.
"That kid has a water balloon? Slam his skull into the pavement! We've got ourselves a badass over here!"

With stories like this, is it any wonder that more and more people are distrusting the public education system. If we can't trust them to competently handle a  minor situation like a water balloon fight, how the freak can we trust them to educate our children? Anyone who wonders why more parents are homeschooling their kids is not paying attention!