Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, May 23, 2013

That's Not News!

There's so much crap going on in the world right now that people are having a hard time discerning what is news and what isn't news. So allow me to provide a public service by clarifying what isn't news:

Alex Jones calling the Oklahoma tornadoes a "government conspiracy" is not news. That is Alex Jones being Alex Jones. With him, the question should never be "what does he consider to be an inside job?", it should be "what doesn't he consider to be an inside job?" And the answer to that question is "very little." I'm sure if the man had an irregular bowel movement, he would blame it on the government. "My stool is black? Curse you, NWO!"

Westboro Baptist Church calling the tornadoes "God's punishment" is not news. That is just Westboro Baptist being Westboro Baptist. Anyone who is the least bit shocked by this has not been paying attention to the hate cult. They believe God hates everything. I wouldn't even be surprised if the church decided to wave around posters proclaiming "God Hates God!" That's how backwards and demented these bigoted fundies are.

So new rule: no more "news stories" about Alex Jones or Westboro Baptist. These people do not deserve our scorn or ridicule even our attention. They deserve to be ignored!