Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Real Problem With Feminists

Recently, noted anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly said the following:
The problem with feminism, I think the principal problem, is the cultivation of an attitude of victimization. Feminism tries to make women believe they are victims of an oppressive, male-dominated, patriarchal society. They wake up in the morning with a chip on their shoulder.
To which, noted Queen of Feminism PZ Myers replied thusly:
Oh, right. I’ve heard it a thousand times from all the critics of Freethoughtblogs…a thousand Phyllis Schlafly clones. Every MRA. Every man and woman who thinks women have a place — on a pedestal, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, where ever — and they ought to stay there, where they belong.
And this, I believe, is the real problem with feminism: not that feminists consider themselves the perpetual victims of imaginary oppressive "patriarchy", but that they consider anyone who does not subscribe to their puerile narrow-minded worldview as one of the oppressive patriarchs whose sole desire is to see them chained to an oven barefoot and pregnant making them a sandwich.

How can you tell you're dealing with an extremist? They deal in extremes. They cannot comprehend nuance or gray matter, only black and white. You are either with them or against them. You are either with them or with the enemy, the oppressors, the patriarchy! They only know how to deal with absolutes. (And only a Sith deals with absolutes!)

Listen, feminists, allow me to let you in on a little secret: I don't want to chain you in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant making me a sandwich. I don't think a woman's place is in the home. I do not believe women are the property of men. I do not want to tell them what to do with their bodies (provided they are not using their bodies to harm the bodies of others).

You know what I do want women to do? Whatever they feel like! Women should have the freedom to do what they want provided they harm no one. And seeing as how women already have that freedom along with men, then it's safe to say they are not being oppressed.

You are not second-class citizens. You are not victims of patriarchy. There is no such thing as patriarchy, just as there is no such thing as the Illuminati or NWO or Zionist-Occupied Government. Stop blaming others for your problems, start taking personal responsibility for your own shortcomings, and start living your own lives. I don't care how you live your lives, just so long as you are living them. Grow up!
That is all, thank you!