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Monday, May 27, 2013

Vox Day Makes Me Shudder

I've talked about Vox Day before. The blogger pretends to be a libertarian, but in reality, he is racist, sexist, homophobic, and nationalistic. In other words, he is a collectivist, which is the exact opposite of an individualist, or libertarian.

His previous posts have merely made me facepalm. But this recent tangent of his makes my spine tingle. For once, the guy is giving me the creeps.

Following on the heels of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Britain, Vox is joining in the ultra-nationalist mindset of blaming it on "multiculturalism" and proposing the "solution" of "kick out all the brown people."

In his recent post, he mentions how Kenya is deporting people without charge for being suspected militants. "If people are too uncivilized to live in a third world country," he asks, "what are the odds they can successfully live in a first world one?" Because clearly we in the West need to look to third world countries for domestic policy, right?

But that's not the creepy part. This is:
Toleration isn't progress.  Diversity isn't a sign of societal health.  As anyone familiar with the history of past civilizations knows, they are symptoms of enervation integral to the decline and fall of nations.  UKIP, Movimento 5 Stelle, Golden Dawn, the Schweizerisch Volkspartei, AfD, Sweden Democrats, True Finns, and Jobbik are rising, and the ruling multiculti parties will have to either surrender or cast aside their democratic pretensions and attempt to rule by naked force.
You heard right: Vox Day is advocating for a far-right nationalist uprising!

Hey, remember the last time a far-right nationalist group took over Europe?

And remember the outcome of that?

Yeah. Why should we be cheering for this?