Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wanting Less Government Is Greedy And Selfish?

Our national debt surpasses $16 trillion. This will be the third consecutive year our national debt has surpassed GDP.

At 20 percent of our national budget, our military spending exceeds that of the next 13 countries combined.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq both cost $6 trillion, making them the costliest wars in American history.

The failed War on Drugs alone has cost us $1 trillion since its inception 40 years ago.

We spend 50 percent more on corporate welfare than we do social welfare, all in the vain hope that taxpayer money funneled to political corporate cronies will "trickle down" in the form of "job creation."

An audit of the Federal Reserve revealed that it secretly funneled taxpayer money to select banks and corporations to the tune of $16 trillion--which is equal to our national debt.

Did I forget to mention that our national debt exceeds $16 trillion? And that it has surpassed GDP for the third consecutive year? And that we are $16 trillion in debt? $16 trillion. In debt. $16 trillion!

And yet, Rolling Stone magazine has the audacity to claim that Americans who want "smaller government" really want "a government that spends less money on other people."

Granted, this article was written nearly a year ago, but the sentiment still exists: if you want less government, you're selfish and greedy!

Riddle me this, progressives: how does wanting our government to spend less on the wasteful crap I just listed make me heartless, greedy, and selfish? Please enlighten an unenlightened libertarian such as myself!