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Monday, June 3, 2013

Critic May Review The Last Airbender

Recently, Doug Walker (a.k.a.: the Nostalgia Critic) announced he was creating a series of v-logs where he would comment on each episode from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In the announcement, he implied he would eventually review the live-action movie, for which he has received a ton of requests to make. He said he wanted to create this v-log series in order to familiarize himself with the cartoon before reviewing the movie.

As a fan of the animated series, when I first heard that it was being made into a live-action movie, I knew it was going to suck, and watching it on the big screen only confirmed that suspicion. Movie adaptations are rarely good, as they rarely reflect the source material.

When you take the storyline from the first 20 episodes of an half-hour television show and condense it into a two-hour movie, you end up draining it of the very essence that made it good to begin with.

The worst victims of this atrocity were the characters themselves, if you can even call them characters. Every character from the show is transformed into a cardboard copy of themselves. The happy-go-lucky Aang who rarely takes his destiny as Avatar seriously is transformed into a stoic figure. The motherly yet quick-tempered Katara is turned into a stoic figure. The sometimes serious, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes silly Sokka is transformed into a stoic figure.

You know what? Pretty much everyone is drained of their original character and turned into a stoic figure. They could all be made out of cardboard and you would never know the difference.

And the Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi was casted as Admiral Zhao. A comedian is playing a ruthless general. That's like casting Jim Carrey as Darth Vader. How the freak do you mess that up?

Anyway, if you can hardly wait for the Critic's review of this abomination, I highly suggest you watch Animated Amnesia's four-part review. It offer a fan's perspective of the movie and pinpoints every blatant deviation from the original source material.