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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Words Fail Me!

Just when I thought that my respect for law enforcement and faith in humanity could not drop any further, along comes this article to prove me wrong.

What I'm about to share with you is the single worst act of police brutality I have ever discussed on this blog up until now.

I don't normally place trigger warnings on my blog posts, but for this one, I will: what you are about to read will infuriate you to the point of insanity. You will go mad, and you will become violent.

Before you watch this video and read the article, please get yourself into a safe area. Lock the door. Make sure you have nothing breakable around you, because you will be hurling it across the room.

I take no responsibility for damages caused to you or anyone near you. I will not replace any items in your house that you break.

Take a drink of valium. Take a vicodin. Strap yourself down. Stick a sock in your mouth. Do whatever you've got to do to try to maintain your composure. (And yes, I have been ripping off Coughlan!)

You have been warned!

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The mother of a 14-year-old arrested over Memorial Day weekend on a Miami beach is accusing police of brutality, after officers forced her son to the ground and put him in a choke hold. Police accuse the teen of “clenching his fists” and giving officers “dehumanizing stares.”

Maurissa Holmes, of Miami Gardens, took her family to Haulover Beach for a Memorial Day picnic, and says her son, Tremaine McMillian, was horsing around with friends in the water and playing with his new puppy, when he was approached by two police officers on ATVs. Holmes told theGrio the officers, after realizing the teens weren’t actually fighting, ordered Tremaine to take them to his mother. She says her son complied. The officers say he didn’t.

“As he was walking towards me I see the officers walking behind him with the puppy in one hand and the bottle to nurse the puppy in the other hand,” she told theGrio, saying the officers grabbed Tremaine. “They slammed him to the ground, they choked him, to where he couldn’t breathe and he urinated on himself. I kept asking them to please get off my child because he can’t breathe. They kept saying ‘get back, get back.’”
I assume that if you are still reading this, that you have not punched through your computer screen, nor have you hurled your computer across the room.

And if you have managed to calm down, I assure you that what you just read was real.

Two cops slammed to the ground an unarmed 14-year-old boy with a puppy, placed him in a chokehold, and injured both him and the dog, all because he looked at them the wrong way.

Words fail me. They simply fail me.

And you know what's the scariest part about this incident? It doesn't shock me. It ought to shock me. It ought to revolt me. But it doesn't. After years of reading news reports about police abuse and brutality, they no longer faze me. I have become desensitized to them. I shouldn't be. Nothing about these events should seem normal. And yet, they do.

And you know what's the most infuriating part about this incident? Most people are going to brush it off as an "isolated incident." How many cops have to brutalize innocent, unarmed civilians until we no longer consider them isolated incidents? Because just one act of police aggression is too much for me!