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Friday, October 25, 2013

MLP Villains: King Sombra

And now we come to the final installment in our MLP Villains collections this month. And I've saved the least for last: the weakest, yet creepiest, villain in the series, King Sombra.

Once the tyrannical monarch of the legendary Crystal Empire, King Sombra was banished into shadow for a thousand years, but sadly, so was his kingdom and the innocent denizens thereof. After the Empire returned, so nearly did Sombra until Twilight Sparkle and her friends restored light to the Crystal Heart, and with it, vanquished Sombra forever. Question is: has he truly been defeated for good?

Here are some fan art of the crystal-loving monarch of darkness:

MLP Villains - King Sombra by *sandara on deviantART

And here we have the final villan in the realistic villans series. Funny how we forget that Sombra is a horse when he looks more like a lion.

King Sombra by ~Virus-91 on deviantART

Imma shoot you with mah purple lazahs! But seriously, those teeth really, really creep me out!

King Sombra by ~DragonwolfRooke on deviantART

The dripping dark ink is very fitting with his dark nature. Very creepy!

King Sombra Silhouette Wall by ~SpaceKitty on deviantART

As hard has crystal. As cold as ice. That is the heart of King Sombra. Love the Silhouette style!

MLP - King Sombra by *Huussii on deviantART

The art style here reminds me of Zelda: Twilight Princess, especially with how the dark shadows contrast with the golden sunset.

King Sombra by ~cmaggot on deviantART

Dark shadows. Glowing eyes. Highlighted against a purple tundra. This is how you set the scene for fear.

King Sombra's Revenge by *Ghostwalker2061 on deviantART

I'm not sure who Neltharion is or why King Sombra is seeking revenge against him, but this fight with lightning and hellfire is teh epic!

A Fallen King (King Sombra) by ~randomsketchman on deviantART

Can we really call it a victory against evil when the innocent still perish because of it?

MLP - King Sombra by *Huussii on deviantART

This human version reminds me of Demise's final form in Zelda: Skyward Sword. Very fitting!

King Sombra by ~turbopower1000 on deviantART

Enjoy your kingdom, Sombra, for it shall not last for long.

king Sombra my version by *mauroz on deviantART

And this human form reminds me of No Heart from Kingdom Heart: Birth By Sleep.

DFA's- MLP- Return of the Tyrant King Sombra by *LycanthropeHeart on deviantART

Why oh why were we denied the epic battle between Sombra and Shining Armor. Hasbro, you dissapoint!

King Sombra and Wishy Washy by ~Hiroshi-Tea on deviantART

Ah, it pays to be the king!

King Sombra by ~true-artist-mas on deviantART

He's so strong, he creates black shards smashing through nothing.