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Friday, October 18, 2013

MLP Villains: Queen Chrysalis

Every Friday in October, I'll be showcasing fan art collections on each of the MLP villains.

This week I'm showcasing my favorite villain, Queen Chrysalis. She and her hoard migrate from land to land in search of love from which to feed off. They almost conquered Canterlot and the whole of Equestria had they not been defeated by the power of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's love. She and her minions attempted to reconquer Equestria by harvesting the magic from a passing comet, but were inevitably defeated and outmatched by Twilight Sparkle.

Here is some fan art of the Queen and her hoard:

MLP Villains - Queen Chrysalis by *sandara on deviantART

Yet another realistic art piece. This one resembles the death horse of legend. Fitting, considering that was the inspiration for her and the changelings.

Chrysalis by =CrowbarTK-Hullo on deviantART

The takeover of Canterlot and the rest of Equestria is complete. All hail the Changeling Queen!

Queen Chrysalis by *Furboz on deviantART

So prepare for the coup of the century
Be prepared for the murkiest scam
Meticulous planning tenacity spanning
Decades of denial is simply why I'll
Be queen undisputed respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder I am
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

Chrysalis The Dark Queen by *Ziom05 on deviantART

An especially creepy scene with most of the changeling army clouding the sky. And I'm wondering what's in the egg or cocoon. Is it a prisoner? Or is it her spawn? If so, who is the father?

Queen Chrysalis by ~NastyLady on deviantART

Reminds me of Maleficent. "A bolt of lightning to strike them down! Meteors of heaven, unleash thy fury!"

Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings by *WizardWannabe on deviantART

She wants you heart for herself. Allow her to feed on your love!

Queen Chrysalis by *MittyMandi on deviantART

I'm sure this is what ran across many fans' minds with her first introduction.

Cadence and Queen Chrysalis by ~egriz on deviantART

The art style here reminds me of Golden Books. I'm sure this is what they would look like if they were in a human storybook.

Queen Chrysalis' Hostage by *Ghostwalker2061 on deviantART

No giant beast is match for the queen. The bigger they are, the harder they fall to her might!

Queen Chrysalis by ~Hell-Alka on deviantART

This queen loves her crystals. Have you ever seen a monarch who loves crystals moe than her? (*cough*King Sombra*cough*)

Chrysalis by ~selonian on deviantART

Now that is one queen you don't want to mess around with!

Chrysalis Nightmare by =slifertheskydragon on deviantART

The Queen of the Night vs. The Queen of Fright! Battle of the Century! Place you bets, folks!

Nightmare Chrysalis by *harwicks-art on deviantART

You have to wonder why the Nightmares didn't choose Chrysalis as their host. Would seem far more fitting that Rarity. Then again, we would not have Nightmare Rarity! :D

Queen Chrysalis by ~luna77899 on deviantART

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best imposter of them all?

Chrysalis Emerges by ~BlackStar6969 on deviantART

So that's how she disguises herself. Very creepy!

MLP FiM KH: Queen Chrysalis by ~Xelim on deviantART

Queen Chrysalis makes for best Kingdom Hearts villian. She wants your heart.

Chrysalis by *Indiron on deviantART

Now that is a queen to bow down before! Reminds me of a drow!

Queen Chrysalis by *atryl on deviantART

On second thought, this is the queen to bow down before.