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Friday, October 11, 2013

MLP Villians: Discord

Every Friday throughout October, I'll be showcasing fan art collections on each of the MLP villains.

This week, it’s Discord who’s receiving the villain’s showcase. This creature of chaos wreaked havoc across Equestria before the alicorn princesses turned him to stone. Upon his release a thousand years later, he continued his goal of turning Equestria into the chaos capital of the world until the Elements of Harmony returned him back into his granite state. Later, he was given a second chance by Princess Celestia, and through the kindness of Fluttershy, was successfully reformed.

Here is some fan art of everyone’s favorite draconequus:

MLP Villains - Discord by *sandara on deviantART

I wish I had come across this artist earlier, because she has other realistic artwork of the MLP villians including Nightmare Moon. Discord looks much more sinister in real life. I wonder if he would still be the lovable wisecracking troublemaker in the show?

MLP- Discord by *Yark-Wark on deviantART

What? Me Worry?

Discord by ~Olafski on deviantART

A young Celestia and Luna fighting Discord with the Elements of Harmony. Doesn't look like he's taiking them seriously. Is that a habit of his, disregarding the Elements as a threat to him?

Discord by ~Wings-Of-Chaos on deviantART

Discord makes it rain chocolate from cotton candy a boss!

Fluttershy and Discord, Best Friends 5ever! by ~GrandpaLove on deviantART

Discord spins her right round, right round like a record, right round, round, round!

Squeezin' It by *Mickeymonster on deviantART

Obligatory DBZ Abridged reference.

'And then Celestia turned Discord into a statue' by ~Senwyn1 on deviantART

The title says it all: 'And then Celestia turned Discord into a statue'

Discord by ~LaurenMagpie on deviantART

You know, I'm just not feeling these realistic versions of his. They don't make him look like the comic he is.

Discord's Dress by *ss2sonic on deviantART

Yeah, words fail me, too!

MLP - Discord by *ManiacPaint on deviantART

The only thing missing here is a guitar and he would make for a serious Guitar Hero boss. But what song would he rock out to?

Discord by *Famosity on deviantART

Discord be like "Bitch, please!"

MLP: Discord by *TsaoShin on deviantART

"You've met with a terrible fate!"

diSCORD by =slifertheskydragon on deviantART

I may be turning to stone, but at least I'll go out rockin'!

Discord by =Nyaasu on deviantART

And this is how you fit a round peg in a square hole!

Thank You, Crusaders by ~thelivingmachine02 on deviantART

Who would have thought that, for over a thousand years, the one thing that would set Discord free is a small spat from a trio of fillies? Celestia knows what would have happened if something like a war had broken out!

The Discordance of Star Swirl :poster: by =Feniiku on deviantART

There is a fan theory circulating the community that Discord is really the legendary star-swirl the bearded. What says you?