Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nightly Frights: The Last Generation

Here's yet another "delightful" Chick Tract, this one about the End Times as foretold by the Book of Revelation (a popular subject with Mr. Chick, whom, if this tract is any indicator, is one of those survivalists camping out in a secret bunker awaiting for the inevitable collapse of society).

This tract is what you would get if you combined the paranoid conspiracy theories of Alex Jones with the staunch Biblical rantings of Pat Robertson: a gloom-and-doom warning about the end of the world, brought about by WWIII at the behest of the One-World Government.

I remember reading this as a kid and having the ever-loving crap scared out of me from the subject matter, which is why it makes for a suitable share this holiday season:

Click here if you want to learn the fate of this family during the coming End Times.

(Spoilers: the brat turns his family in, the grandfather dies in a reeducation camp, and the parents escape via the rapture!)