Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nightly Frights: Old Woman All Skin And Bone

For this selection from Scary Stories, we'll look at a song rather than a story.

This one is about a woman who lives near a churchyard and discovers something rather nasty waiting at the church steps.

There was an old woman all skin and bone
Who lived near the graveyard all alone.

She thought she'd go to church one day
To hear the parson preach and pray.

And when she came to the church-house stile
She thought she stop and rest awhile.

She came up to the door
She thought she'd stop and rest some more.

But when she turned and looked around
She saw a corpse upon the ground.

From its nose down to its chin
The worms crawled out, and the worms crawled in.

The woman to the preacher said,
"Shall I look like that when I am dead?"

The preacher to the woman said,
'You shall look like that when you are dead!"