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Monday, October 14, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#8)

I have several regrets about my previous list. One is adding Tyrannux to it. While I still find some of his MLP art to be on the iffy side, most of his other art is actually quite good, and I would highly recommend that people watch him.

If I had the option of redoing my previous list, I would have replaced Tyrannux with a far more infamously disturbing fan artist: Crooked Trees.

#8: Crooked Trees

To this day, I kick myself in the flank for neglecting to include this infamous of infamous fan artists. Just look at his art and tell me it doesn’t deserve to place him on the most disturbing list:

I don’t know what it is about his artwork that makes it so disturbing. It’s probably because his artwork looks like a blend of charcoal drawings and oil paintings, which makes for a very eerie combination. Oil painting, especially for its brush strokes, makes for very realistic art, and charcoal makes for very dark outlines. Combined they make very dark and dingy art pieces which just scream creepy.

Looking at these art pieces is very hard to do for prolonged periods of time. Only a few seconds makes me want to divert my view, especially when most of these portraits have big eyes that seem to be looking directly into your soul.

Seriously, half of the time, these portraits aren’t just looking towards you in your general direction: they actually feel as though they are looking at you through the screen. Watching you. Regarding you. Almost looking into your very soul.

Looking at these, I half expect my phone to ring with a gravelly voice telling me I have seven days to live. That is how creepy these images are.

And don’t even get me started with the porn. Oh sweet Celestia, the porn.

Not only is Crooked Trees infamous for creating the most disturbing MLP fan art, he’s also infamous for having his deviantART accounts terminated. Maybe his art violated terms of service. Maybe he just decided to call it quits.

But as for me, I personally think his account was suspended after his art caused deviantART moderators to go insane and kill themselves. That is the origin of most creepypasta, after all.

Crooked Trees does have two other projects, though each of those have been stalled. One is an Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie tumblr where people can, what else, as the Cupcakes Pinkie Pie questions. (Though the blog has since all been deleted.)

Another project is Luna's Diary about Luna filming herself for a video diary about her life after being banished to the moon for a thousand years.

It reminds me of those personal video diaries that many vloggers have, especially video diaries which are the setting for many horror movies, like The Ring or the Blair Witch Project.

But to this day, Crooked Trees will always be remembered for the creepy as all hell artwork that make even the most hardcore bronies piss themselves in fright.

How disturbing is it? About as disturbing as those cheesy yet scary jump scare videos.