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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#6)

One of the prime aspects of MLP:FiM, aside from the well-written storylines and fleshed-out characters, is the music. While most other kid shows half-ass their songs, the songs in this cartoon have honest-to-Celestia effort put into them, and it really shows.

I challenge you to listen to songs like "Winter Wrap Up" or "Art Of The Dress" and try to forget them. Those lyrics and melody are going to be stuck in your head for-ev-er! That these songs are so memorable and popular proves that they're high quality, so much so that several have been nominated for Emmys.

One of my favorite songs is Pinkie Pie's "Smile" song. Despite being in my least favorite season two episode, the song itself is one of the best the series has. It's the type of song that puts a smile on your face when you're having a bad day, which is why I have it downloaded on my iPhone and listen to it when I'm feeling blue. It's peppy lyrics and even peppier melody help turn any frown upside-down.

Seriously, how can a song like this evoke any emotion other than pure joy?

If it's put in a music video like Smile HD.

#6: "Smile HD"

Upon first glance of the thumbnail, with Pinkie Pie's large saucer eyes and pearly-white grin peering back at you, the video looks innocent enough, and the description makes it appear more so: "Having her friends always laughing at her, Pinkie Pie finally decides to show them just how much she appreciate it."

Aww, isn't that sweet! Pinkie Pie wants to show her friends just how much she loves them.

But then you play the video and you're greeted with a dark, creepy warning with blood-red text.

Oh, never mind. It's just "warning" us how wonderful this video is. Nothing creepy about that, right?

But then the video begins.

Oh Sweet Celestia, the video begins!

Again, the video seems innocent enough with an upbeat remix of Smile playing with the lyrics on screen in pink-and-white Comic Sans font. Seems like something you would see on DDR.

And then you see Pinkie Pie with the biggest grin upon her face as she races to her fiends having a picnic in a sunny, grassy field.

Twilight looks up from the book she's reading to see Pinkie approaching, and she waves at her, causing Pinkie to grinner even wider as she leaps into the air...

...and kick Twilight's bloody skull off.

Wait, what?

No, I must be mistaken. Pinkie clearly leaps onto Twilight to greet her as Tigger would pounce on Pooh. That's what Pinkie Pie does.

N-no. I'm right. Pinkie Pie decapitates Twilight Sparkle with a roundhouse kick, sending her bloody head spinning in the air, spinal cord dangling from underneath, until it lands yards away in the field in a fresh pool of blood.


And then she beats up Rarity and Apple Jack into bloody pulps, all while she has that creepy saccharin smile upon her face.

Sweet Celestia, not even The Joker or Jeff the Killer had that sadistic of a smile. That is the smile of a true psychopath.

Fortunately, we have Rainbow Dash show up in all of her swag to beat some sense into Pinkie Pie--literally. In all of her awesomness, Dash manages to subdue Pinkie Pie by kicking her into submission.

Oh no, wait, I'm sorry, I mean she makes Pinkie Pie's kill meter go into the red, kicking her into Super Sayian mode. Pinkie then fries AJ with a kamehameha wave and kaiokens RD's guts out of her mouth.

Are you having fun yet kids?

And just when you think things couldn't get any worse, Fluttershy shows up.

Oh no! Pinkie Pie, don't you dare do what I think you're going to do. Don't you dare harm a single hair on that innocent pegasi's head!

No! You did not just zap her with a chi blast! You stop smiling right now, you sadistic bitch!

Wait, what the?

Yeah, you go Fluttershy! Beat the living squee out of that pink menace! Make her pay for what she has done! You beat her into submission like the Flutterbitch you are!

You know what? This video isn't that disturbing. Yeah, the beginning comes out of nowhere and scars you for life, but it all pays off when you see Fluttershy defeat Pinkie Pie...

...who then takes the lyrics off the screen and bats Fluttershy.

Wait what?

No, this can't be the end. Pinkie can't defeat Fluttershy! It can't end like this.


Oh yes, it just did. Pinkie Pie just vaporized her and the entire planet with a Spirit Bomb.

What...the...freak did I just watch?

I don't know what's creepier about this video. That it starts off innocent but then takes a sharp turn into creepypasta territory? That the peppy J-pop remix contrasts grossly with the violence and gore on-screen? Or that Pinkie Pie goes through the entire video with that creepy, sadistic grin upon her face.

Oh Sweet Celestia, is that grin haunting my nightmares. I don't even think Princess Luna can fight it off with her dream-walking abilities.

For catching us all off-guard with a twisted music video set to more unfitting music than Guille's Theme and haunting us with that creepy grin, this video makes it onto this list.

How disturbing is it? Like imagining Heath Ledger's Joker and Jeff The Killer filming a porno.

Well, we're down to the Top 5. I'm warning you folks, things get far more disturbing from here on out.

And remember, this is an addenum to my last list. This is the list of the LITTLE things that I may have MISSed in my last list, which is a RARITY for me.

You can only guess the disturbing crap I'm going to present to you from here on out. Be afraid!