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Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#5)

With a name like "Banned From Equestria Daily", you know you’re in for something real disturbing, especially considering the site has linked to other disturbing works such as "Cupcakes" and the Pony.MOV series.

#5: "Banned from Equestria Daily"

The premise of this point-and-click adventure game is that you’re transported to Equestria and transformed into a pony by Trixie, who informs you that the spell will last for three days, allowing you a good weekend to explore Ponyville and do whatever you want.

So, in other words, this is every brony’s dream come true!

On first glance, this game doesn’t seem all that bad. For something that appears to have been drawn using Microsoft Paint, the artwork, especially the animation, is fairly decent.

Plus you get to do some pretty cool things, like learn a spell from Twilight, buck apples for Apple Jack, race against Rainbow Dash, and afterwards, screw her in the…WHAT THE? HELLO!

Did I just say that right? Do you actually get to DO Rainbow Dash?

Yes, yes you do. Roughly!

Yes, this is one of “those” games, a dating sim, where you get to “buck” all the ponies in Ponyville.

That would be disturbing in and of itself, but as I said in my previous list, I’m not “that” bothered by pony porn. It’s the internet. Rule 34! And it only makes sense that, with all the pony porn floating around the internet, some perverted brony would eventually create a dating sim where they get to fulfill their fantasies and actually “buck” the ponies.

But there are some more cringeworthy aspects of this game. It’s one thing to have sex with ponies, but it’s quite another when some of it is implied non-consensual sex—by which, I mean rape.

For instance, there’s one story that involve Spike wanting to run away from Twilight because he’s sick and tired of being her slave. This is simply out-of-character for him, as the series has established that Spike has a good relationship with Twilight and likes helping her, almost to the point where he feels worthless if he can’t do anything for her.

But I digress…

In exchange for giving him a train ticket out of town, Spike cracks open the window to Twilight’s bedroom. Why? So you can go in while she’s sleeping and have non-consensual sex with her—by which, I mean rape her!

Remember kids: you don’t need a girl’s consent to have sex with her as long as she’s asleep or unconscious.

Did I mention that this game came out before the Steubenville rape case?

But thankfully, for Twilight Sparkle fans, you don’t actually rape her, as she senses you coming into her room and willingly has sex with you.

Because, of course, when a strange guy sneaks into your room, the first thing you do is offer to have sex with him. (But then again, I’m asking for realism in a dating sim!)

As I mentioned before, there’s another story where you get to race Rainbow Dash and the loser has to be the winner’s slave. If Dash wins, you have to do her chores. If you win, she has to have sex with you—which again, I’m sure is non-consensual sex, which again, is rape!

Oh, you could argue that Rainbow Dash consented by agreeing to do whatever you want, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t expect sex to be one of those things. So, if anything, you’re still forcing her to have sex, which again, would make it non-consensual, which again, would make it rape.

But we’re not done yet!

You also get to have sex with Trixie. If you catch her sleeping at night, and you end up breaking through her shield with magic, you can choose to have non-consensual sex with her—by which, I mean you get to rape her.

Well, almost anyway.

She wakes up to catch you making an advance on her, only for her to willingly (though annoyingly) have sex with you. Because as Twilight proved to us before, girls are more than willing to have sex with people who sneak up on them sleeping!

Another pony you get to “buck” is DJ-Pon3. The two of you get to make beautiful music together after you sneak into her house during a personal jam session and she slips you a drug.

Wait. If you’re drugged, does that mean DJ-Pon3 is raping you? Silly me! Feminists tell me men can’t be rape victims, only rapists.

There’s also a bonus scene involving Berry Punch where, if you peek into her house at night, you get to see her tied and gagged while Lyra and Bon-Bon have non-consensual sex with her—by which, I mean they rape her.

At this point, I’m probably sounding like a feminist. I’d hate to sound like Anita Sarkeesian, especially since I know this is only a game, and harping on this for allowing players to rape is like harping on Grand Theft Auto for allowing players to murder, but still, the fact that two of the six sex scenes involve consent is a bit troubling, which makes it all the more disturbing.

But you want to know the most disturbing aspect of this game?

There’s a bonus scene which involves the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

And no, thank Celestia, you don’t actually get to “buck” them (though I’m sure some demented prevent out there wishes that he could.)

Instead, if you go to their treehouse, you get to eavesdrop on them while they’re busy trying to get their cutie marks. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what they’re trying to get their cutie marks in.)

Overall, this game is del facto disturbing for allowing the more perverted bronies to live out their wet dreams, though more so in that it involves rape and even implies pedophilia.

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as the news media taking pity on the rapists instead of the rape victims.