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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#4)

In both of my lists, we’ve seen the dark and disturbing side of each of the Mane Six. We’ve seen Rainbow Dash oversee genocide, Fluttershy chainsaw Dash in half, Applejack roll around in the hay with her big brother, Twilight Sparkle off Cadence in order to marry her own brother, and of course, let’s not forget Pinkie Pie cutting up her friends into cupcakes.

Of all the demented ponies, none have come close to being as creepy as Pinkie Pie, or rather, Pinkamena Diane Pie. But one pony has come fairly close, and it just so happens to be the last member of the Mane Six—and ironically enough, she’s going to be featured in the next three entries.

But before we move onto those two, let’s focus on her most infamous persona: Little Miss Rarity.

#4: Little Miss Rarity

This comic takes place in the same universe as Cupcakes. A slew of murders have occurred in Ponyville, and every pony is wrought with fear about becoming the next target. Of course, the murderer involved is Pinkamena, who broadcasts her killings on her Tumblr account. (And yet nobody thinks about turning her in!)

Rarity herself has become the most paranoid, to the point of locking herself in her boutique for days on end. As one can imagine, confining oneself indoors for that long can wear away at one’s sanity. Being pent up with that much paranoia can cause one to snap at any moment, and for Rarity, that moment comes when her cat, Opalscene, scratches her face, leaving a deep scar along her left eye.

Normally, such a small injury would cause mild annoyance with the pet owner, but for Rarity, this slight pains engulfs her in absolute euphoria, as the wound, rather than causing her pain, gives her sadomasochistic pleasure. Soon she becomes obsessed with inflicting self-harm and starts fantasizing about others inflicting pain on her, especially Pinkamena.

How obsessed does Rarity become with Pinkamena? To the point where she makes a doll of her—out of her own cat!

Rarity starts disfiguring herself in various ways, all while getting off on it. She cuts herself, brands herself, and even goes so far as to stick a knife in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. (I’ll let you guess where.)

So enamored does she become in the act of self-harm that she wishes to share that experience with others, including her little sister, Sweetie Belle. That’s right, Rarity goes so far as to gag and blindfold her own sister and cut into her young, supple flesh…

…that is until Twilight comes over and interrupts the act, only to have a sewing machine chucked at her head. (Considering that Twilight has survived the entire contents of a moving van being dumped onto her head, we can only assume this is the least pain she has ever been in).

She continues delving deeper into her devious deviation until one instance of excessive blood loss causes her to suffer shock and be rushed to the hospital. It is there that the creepiest thing happens: she snaps out of it.

And that’s what makes this fanwork especially creepy: for while other ponies remain in their corrupted state, Rarity manages to escape it and regain her sanity.

Creepier still is that the camera she was posing before and conducting all of her erotic adventures, the very camera we the audience have been witnessing her though, turns out to have been all in her head. She was imagining it all along. (Does this mean she was imagining us?)

So unlike other sociopaths like Pinkamena, who either give into their insanity, or consciously carried out their violence through their own volition, deep inside was the real Rarity all along.

One moment, she was the posh Rarity that we all know and love, and the next moment, she was the sexually-deviant self-harmer with a lust for both blood and more lust. Its creepy because it exposes how one person can go from being a normal human being into a raging psychopath.

This fan work is reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where a mild-mannered individual have their personality completely altered. It's scary because it shows how easy it is for one person to shift from normal to insane.

And yes, I know the comic continues on, and she eventually caves into her deviant nature again, but considering how far the comic goes, well...

...I've think I've discussed enough!

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as trying to stick a knife up your rear end.