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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#3)

What’s more disturbing that Rarity harming herself? Rarity harming others!

#3: Sadistic Rarity

Sadistic Rarity is a Tumblr comic like Little Miss Rarity. Unlike Little Miss Rarity, who seeks pleasure from harming herself, Sadistic Rarity seeks pleasure from harming others.

Actually, it isn’t so much pleasure that she derives from pain and suffering as it is indifferent loathing.

As her name implies, Sadistic Rarity is, well, a sadist, someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others. But while pain is a sexual fetish for Little Miss Rarity, to Sadistic Rarity, it’s a way to sate her hatred for all ponydom.

You see, being a highly-cultured pony among the uncultured hoi polloi, or as she calls them, “fashion sodomites”, has caused this Rarity to become quite the misanthrope—or rather, mis-equine.

Being that way can be quite wearisome to a point, so much so that she has since depleted all of her generosity and now feels nothing but contempt for her fellow ponies, to the point where she has not choice but to maim and murder them.

You can tell when she’s feeling especially vengeful by her eyes, which glow red and bleed when she has a thirst for vengeance. When they glow blue, she’s still vengeful, but not as much. One of her eyes no longer work, to the point where it has since been replaced by a crystal monocle (which also glows red when she’s feeling maimy-killy).

As for a body count, she doesn’t really appear to kill anyone in the comics. The closest we come to a victim is a diamond dog that she maims and carves the word “hate” on its forehead. (And which she kills off-screen).

Speaking of comics, there doesn’t seem to be that many of them, as the old Tumblr blog had been deleted (though a new one was recently created). So I can’t really tell if she ever did kill anyone onscreen.

But I would submit that we don’t need to see her kill anyone in order to be disturbed. Sometimes the most disturbing moments come from those we don’t see. For example, Pinkamena is only shown torturing and killing Rainbow Dash in Cupcakes, but is implied that she has been doing this to innumerable other ponies before. The fact she has gotten away with so many murders is what makes her character especially disturbing, and it’s what makes Sadistic Rarity all the more so.

And while both Pinkamena and Little Miss Rarity inflict pain for the sake of euphoric joy, Sadistic Rarity does so for the sake of pure vengeance, just like Big Macintosh in Sweet Apple Massacre.
Hell hath no fury like a filly scorned, and there is no fury more scorned than the ever Sadistic Rarity.

Oh, and her sister Sweetie Belle is also following in her footsteps as Meanie Belle. Thought I would throw that out there.

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as that one lonely, creepy co-worker in your office, the one that everyone avoids and the one you know is capable of snapping and going on a shooting spree, so you befriend him so he spares you when he does snap.