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Monday, October 7, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#11)

Have you ever imagined what the ponies would look like if they were human?

…is not a question anyone has to ponder, what with the insane amount of human fanart floating around the internet, and especially with the release of Equestria Girls, which officially put the question to rest.

But here’s another question: what would happen if the ponies were revealed to be based upon real-life human girls?

That’s a question one fan theory raises.

#11: My Little Pony Theory

According to the person who purported this theory, he had pondered it after watching the first few episodes of the series and realizing that the characters seemed eerily familiar to real girls he once read about in an old newspaper article—an article which he conveniently owns the only copy of and which conveniently comes from a now defunct newspaper. (Isn’t that convenient!)

The newspaper article is about six girls who lived in a small North Carolina town and whom had died on the exact same day--January 18, 1989. And if you read the description of these six girls, they may sound eerily familiar to you too:

The first girl is Samantha Gales, a 15-year-old girl who was abused and neglected by her family, who would often beat her, starve her, lock her in the basement, and even force her to sleep outside. This abuse forced her to be an introvert with low self-esteem. As such, she was ignored by her classmates, and the only friends she ever had were small animals she would find and “rescue.” Sadly, the abuse and loneliness became too much for her to bear, and she ended up taking her life by ingesting valium.

The second girl is Janice Walters, the popular girl with dreams of moving to Paris to become a fashion designer. While she seemed to live the glamorous life, her family life was anything but. Her mother had only married her father for his money, and as he was losing money and pushing the family into debt, this caused much friction between the two, as they often argued and bickered about money. One day, an argument forced them to crash their car, causing Janice to snap her neck on impact and die instantly.

The next girl, Alexandra Matthews, was a school athlete who always strived to be the best in sports, especially in track. She had high aspirations of attending college on a sports scholarship and even competing in the Olympics. This drive caused her to neglect her family, her grades, and even her own health. She even took steroids in order to boost her performance. However, this push and drug abuse soon took its toll on her at a track event where her heart gave out and she died days later in the hospital.

Another girl, Jamie Sanders, was a farm girl who grew up in a struggling farm. She was a hard worker who worked both on and off the farm in order to support her family, especially after her parents died. As such, she often neglected her school and social life and would tire herself working to the bone. She met her gruesome demise when she fell into a woodchipper.

Perhaps the saddest story is that of Katherine Jackson, a foster child whose birth father had killed her mother and eventually himself when she was five. She moved from home-to-home, never really settling down, and often being taken in by foster parents who intentionally neglected her in order to make money off her. The death of her parents and the continued neglect she suffered wore away at her nerves, and eventually, her sanity. She began hearing voices and acting out in school. Her over-the-top behavior made many to assume she was merely hyperactive. She met her tragic end when one of the voices in her head convinced her she could fly, making her jump off the school roof to her death.

The last girl, Cynthia Little, was a model student who was always pressured to excel academically at a young age. Her academic success caught the attention of a prestigious school, which was interested in enrolling her. In order to attend, she would have to pass a strict entrance exam. She studied day and night to prepare for it, but the pressure became so intense that she was forced to cheat. When the test officials caught her cheating, she was so distraught and ashamed that she ended up hanging herself in her bedroom.

Allegedly, these six girls served as the inspiration of the Mane 6—and obviously, anyone with half a brain would realize that this story is as real as Equestria. But it does make one think.

Consider this: when Lauren Faust was asked by Hasbro to create My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she had originally approached the company for her own cartoon Galaxy Girls. Why was she so willing to forego her original idea for this? Could it be that she was inspired by real world events?

And think about this: the episode “Cutie Mark Chronicles” reveals the backstory of all six characters and how they received their cutie marks on the exact same day, sort of like how the real girls in the alleged article died on the same day.

And by obtaining their cutie marks, each of the six ponies had achieved the dreams of the six deceased girls: Fluttershy dedicated her life to helping animals, Rarity became a fashion designer, Rainbow Dash was recognized for her athletic prowess, Apple Jack was able to take care of her family, Pinkie Pie was able to earn the love of her family and friends, and Twilight Sparkle entered her dream school.

Could it be that Faust wanted to provide closure for these six girls by telling their life stories and how their lives could have been?

The obvious answer is no. This story is clearly just another creepypasta floating around the interent.
There are plenty of other fan theories about the show. One of them speculates that the entire show takes place in the mind of Pinkie Pie, who is really a human girl in an insane asylum who killed her family, and the show is really the hallucinations she has.

I would have made that the entry on this list, but when you think about it, considering it’s Pinkie Pie, that makes WAY too much sense.

Besides, this story actually makes you think about the show and even forces you to see it in a different light. Once you hear about it, there’s no seeing the show the same way again. Maybe, just maybe, there’s more to this show than we give it credit for.

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as Peter Griffin being reunited with his old prom date.