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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#10)

I started my first Most Disturbing list with the incestuous shipping of Apple Jack and her brother Big Macintosh. To this day, I'm still not sure how much of the Apple Family cider you would have to drink in order to consider Apple Jack rolling around in the hay with her big brother appealing.

Big Mac isn't the only relative AJ has been shipped with. She's also been shipped with her cousin Braeburn from "Over A Barrel." And while this shipping is disturbing, it's not nearly as disturbing as her shipping with Big Mac.

This is because sexual relationships between siblings are considered del facto disturbing while copulation between cousins are somewhat more negotiable, as some states permit such relationships if the cousins are separate enough from each other on the family tree.

Don't get me wrong: shagging your cousin is still creepy, but not as skin-crawlingly so as shagging your brother or sister.

But I'm afraid that AJ and Big Mac aren't the most disturbing brother/sister shipping. For you see, I had written my list around the tail end of Season Two, which introduced to us another brother/sister relationship, and with it, a far more disturbing brother/sister fan shipping.

#10: Twilight Sparkle/Shining Armor Shipping

A Canterlot Wedding, along with the introduction of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, had caused some controversy within the brony community. Most bronies, like myself, loved it and thought it was one of the best two-part episodes in the series. Others (*cough*Chad Rocco*cough*) hated it and thought it was a cheap ploy to sell more toys.

But perhaps most controversial was the inclusion of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, whom  most fans (*cough*Chad Rocco*cough*) felt were simply tacked onto the series, along with the episode, to pimp out more toys for Hasbro.

First of all, if you're watching a cartoon series based on toys, you should expect some advertising from it. We accepted this with Transformers and Ninja Turtles, and we should expect no different from My Little Pony!

And second, for an episode created for the sole purpose of selling toys, Canterlot Wedding proved to be much more than that, offering a compelling story and, yes, even compelling characters.

Yes, Shining Armor and Cadence were created to sell toys, but their relationship with each other and with others seemed rather genuine. This is especially true with Shining Armor's relationship with Twilight.

Yes, Shining Armor was introduced as Twilight's older brother at the end  of the second season, but so what? What rule states that all characters need to have their familiar relationships established at the very beginning of the series? If we could accept Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents being introduced in Season Two, we should accept the same for Shining Armor.

Both Twilight and Shining Armor show and share genuine feelings for one another as siblings. The overall corniness of the B.B.B.F.F. song aside, Twilight really does care for her brother and his well-being, to the point where she goes out of her way to unravel the plot to harm him.

Say what you want about the two, but Twilight and Shining Armor do have a loving relationship with one another, which only makes it all the more creepy when some fans decide to interpret this loving relationship as more than just between brother and sister.

As I said before, sexual relationships between siblings are considered del facto creepy. But cut the Apples some slack! They're rednecks! They have incest in their blood. Twilight and Shining Armor don't have that excuse. They were raised in high society in one of the most prestigious cities in Equestria. They should know better than this.

But what makes this shipping most disturbing is that it involves a married stallion. Shining Armor is cheating on his wife. With his sister. His baby sister. The same one that his wife used to babysit.
Seriously, Shining Armor, what would Cadence thi...there's a threesome pic with Twilight, Shining, and Cadence, isn't there?

And no, I'm not going to post that picture on here!

Well, as disturbing as this may be, at least it doesn't go too fa...

That doesn't mean anything! For all we know, Twilight is simply pregnant with some other colt's foal, and uncle Shining Armor is simply rubbing the pregnant belly containing his niece or nep...

Excuse me while I go wash myself with bleach.

But as far as fan art and fan fiction goes, there's one fan work involving this incestuous shipping that is so disturbing it requires its own spot on this list. When we come back, we'll discuss that fan work.

But just to give you an idea what it is, here's a sneak peek:

How disturbing is it? Imagine if your brother or sister were sexually attracted to you. Yeah. Exactly. That disturbing!