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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cuccinelli Has Himself To Blame, Not Libertarians!

For those of you following the Virginia election last night, Democrat Terry McAuliffe beat Ken “Ban Teh Sodomites” Cuccinelli in the governor’s race.

Meanwhile, Libertarian Robert Sarvis managed to pull 6.6 percent of the vote with more than 142 thousand votes, or as Reason explains, “five times the vote total Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson won last November.”

While I don’t particularly care for Sarvis, as he did badmouth Austrian economics and supports tax increases, he was a far better candidate than Mr. “Ban Oral And Anal In The State For Lovers”!

But of course, the establishment types are now in full-force blaming Sarvis and his libertarian voters for "stealing the votes" from Cuccinelli and costing him the election.

The following Facebook conversation manages to perfectly shutdown that invalid arguement: