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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feminists Smash Pink Toy Bows!

So last night while I was watching the previews playing before Hunger Games: Catching Fire (which is a must-see movie that I highly recommend), there was a commercial for a new line of toys called “Nerf Rebelle,” which are essentially pink Nerf products marketed towards girls.

It was clear these toys were marketing off of the Hunger Games, not only because the commercial was playing before the movie and because it featured a product called the “Heartbreaker Bow,” but also because one of the girls looked like Katniss Everdeen.

Two thoughts crossed my mind while watching this commercial. First, “It’s about darn time!”

I was ecstatic that toymakers were finally wising up and realizing that girls can play with boy’s toys and vice-versa, and that they are finally marketing toys once considered “boys only” to little girls. Forget Barbies and Bratz Girls! Real girls should be playing with hot pink foam blasters. Finally the toy industry is progressing towards gender equality!

But that led me to my second thought: “The feminists are going to HATE this!” Now why would feminists have a problem with boy toys for girls? BECAUSE THEY’RE PINK!

Yes, if there is one thing that feminists hate above all else, it’s the color pink. It’s their Kryptonite, something that makes them hiss and cower back into the shadows when shown in their presence.

Searching through the “nerf rebelle” Tumblr tag reveals pure hate and contempt for this new toy line. Who cares if it’s tearing down gender barriers and destroying gender stereotypes that little girls can’t play rough, that they can’t play the same games that boys play? These toys are pink, and that makes them perpetuators of patriarchy!

No. I kid you not. Feminists seriously consider pink girl’s toys to be the height of sexism and misogyny. There are women in other countries who are prohibited from driving cars, but American women clearly have it far worse because their toys are pink. Oh, the oppression!

Fortunately, there are plenty of sensible women out there who have no problem with these toys whatsoever and are able to speak out against this faux feminist outrage, like this one:
Okay so i have been seeing a lot of hate for the new nerf rebelle for girls and here is what i say to you , its a nerf product for girls , i repeat for GIRLS , don’t you girls remember when you were little and wanted a nerf gun but couldn’t get it because it was for BOYS.Now look we can finally get what we always wanted, and the Rebelle line is way more bad-ass then the other lines in my opinion , i mean come on we get a freaken crossbow for crying out loud ,and the design is so slick for this line. Come on girls ,we are finally being heard ,this is a time of celebration!!!!
Too bad these sane girls are few and far between.