Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Introducing "Holiday Treats Advent Calendar"

Many of you had asked if I had planned anything for Christmas the same way I had “Blame The Fright Month” for Halloween. And the answer is: “Eh, sort of!”

You see, I hadn’t actually planned anything for Christmas, but upon request, I decided to have something similar for the holiday season.

Just as with my “Nightly Frights” in October, this December, I will have a different “Holiday Treat” every day until Christmas.

This isn’t going to be as big as my Halloween event, as this is all rather last minute, and sadly, I don’t have any big countdown planned either; but each day, I will be offering something holiday-related whether it be videos, music, or art.

Also, in order to maintain the holiday spirit, I’ve decided to take a break from politics for the rest of the month, though my pony-related posts such as Daily Pony and my Pony Recaps will still commence.

So cozy up by the fire and grab yourself a steaming hot cocoa or apple cider, and join me as I present my Holiday Treats Advent Calendar.