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Monday, November 25, 2013

Pony Recap: Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1)

Well pony fans, the moment you all have been waiting for has arrived. Finally, after all this waiting, we have been graced with Season 4, and the premiere was anything but disappointing.

Many bronies have expressed doubt about how well the show would fare switching hands from Lauren Faust to Meghan McCarthy. If this episode is any indicator, McCarthy is not only a viable replacement for Faust, but someone who vastly surpasses her.

These two episodes provide so much in fleshing out the history and mythology of Equestria, at least in terms of the Elements of Harmony. We still don’t know much about the princesses or Discord or even other relevant characters like Sombra (Seriously, his back story really needs work!), but something tells me that future episodes this season will do just that. (Discord even gets his own song!)

We also saw some more fleshing out of Twilight’s character, especially with her new form, her new role, and the challenges that come with them. Some things have changed, but others will remain the same.

And the art quality…my Celestia, is it gorgeous. Everything from the epic battle between the two princesses to the light shining on the ponies reveals how much the art has improved this season

And if this episode is any indicator, we might very well have a full seasonal story arc on our hooves. The last time we had something like this was in the first season with the Grand Galloping Gala, which was introduced in “Ticket Master,” set up in miscellaneous other episodes, and completed with “Best Night Ever.”

This time around the story narrative may very well extend to more than just the first and last episode. Six locks. Six Keys. That very well could mean at least six more episodes dedicated to this subplot. Only time will tell. But if this episode is any indicator, we are in for a real treat this season.

So without further ado, allow me to present the first two episodes along with my comments on them.

(BTW, I’m experimenting with a new review format. I’m taking a page out of Equestrian Daily’s book and using photos to supplement my comments. And because I’m using so many photos, I’m splitting this recap into two parts, one for each episode.)

Twilight had no problems flying at the end of "Magical Mystery Cure." So why does she have a problem with flying here and in “Equestria Girls”?

LOL! What is Spaceship Earth doing in Canterlot?

Sure she can loop-de-loop, but can she...DO A BARREL ROLL?!

I really love how the light shining through the stained glass is reflecting off of the ponies. It really shows how much the animation and art quality has improved.

Pinkie Pie’s infatuation with frosting comes across as more creepy than funny.

Funny how all the other characters except Twilight are smart enough not to poke their eyes out when making a Pinkie Swear.

The Equestrian postal service puts the USPS to shame. Is their mail service privatized, by any chance?

Twilight's neurosis does not mesh well with her new form.

The Summer Sun Celebration has changed from commemorating Celestia’s triumph over Luna as Nightmare Moon to one commemorating their reunion as sisters. Wonder if Nightmare Night has changed accordingly?

Celestia and Twilight nuzzling with each other is simply too cute! (Too bad the TwiCel shippers will interpret it as something perverted.)

Clearly the dark weeds are after the princesses, so why didn’t they capture Twilight along with Celestia and Luna?

Proof Twilight is working Spike to hard: he "check check checks" checklists in his dreams.

“What do you think it means?” Ask me what it means! Ask me what it means! Oh-ho-ho-ho!

I know the royal guards are supposed to by copy-paste in their appearance to allow making more of them easier for the animators, but would it pain them to make at least two of them look somewhat different?

“Are you alright?” The squirrel is shivering in fright along with the other animals. Do things look alright to you?

I know the apples are horses, which are normally herbivores, but don’t they at least have farming equipment or tools they can use to remove weeds?

But then again, we wouldn’t get this neat scene which shows Big Mac’s extended vocabulary.

Evil thorns growing from the Everfree Forest is one thing, but thorny rainclouds? Suspension of disbelief suspended!

I know Rarity is…well, Rarity…but considering that the sky is split between day and night, you think she would have a stronger reaction than “Tut! Tut! Looks like rain!”

Apparently unicorn magic is like candle wicks you can snuff out by licking and pinching them.

“Rarity, you have to help me. I think something is wrong with my horn.” You’re floating upside down against your will. You think? (And does Sweetie Belle live with her parents or with Rarity? Perhaps she’s just visiting while her parents are away again.)

“Something strange is going on.” Black thorns are taking over Ponyville, growing from clouds, interfering with unicorn magic, and to top it all off, the sun and moon are in the sky at the same time. “Very strange” is an understatement.

Um, ouch!

You know, the only thing that would make all this worse is if the plants were releasing a neurotoxin that forced the ponies to place themselves in fatal situations and kill themselves. But no sensible director would go along with such a ridiculous premise.

I’m not even going to ask what that seatbelt is attached to.

I know Pinkie Pie is random, but perhaps she would take the fate of her town and world seriously enough not to be coloring books!

Discord is a fan of Dan Ingrham!

Discord be twerking!

Yet another indicator that Discord is Kaa!

So Zecora conveniently has a magical potion that just so happens to have all the answers to their problems, and it just so happens to only react to alicorns like Twilght. Deus ex machina?

So the potion is a clear, white liquid that causes people to have visions. Is MLP promoting LSD?

Princess Luna mega-evolves to...

...Nightmare Moon!