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Monday, November 25, 2013

Pony Recap: Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 2)

Well pony fans, the moment you all have been waiting for has arrived. Finally, after all this waiting, we have been graced with Season 4, and the premiere was anything but disappointing.

Many bronies have expressed doubt about how well the show would fare switching hands from Lauren Faust to Meghan McCarthy. If this episode is any indicator, McCarthy is not only a viable replacement for Faust, but someone who vastly surpasses her.

These two episodes provide so much in fleshing out the history and mythology of Equestria, at least in terms of the Elements of Harmony. We still don’t know much about the princesses or Discord or even other relevant characters like Sombra (Seriously, his back story really needs work!), but something tells me that future episodes this season will do just that. (Discord even gets his own song!)

We also saw some more fleshing out of Twilight’s character, especially with her new form, her new role, and the challenges that come with them. Some things have changed, but others will remain the same.

And the art quality…my Celestia, is it gorgeous. Everything from the epic battle between the two princesses to the light shining on the ponies reveals how much the art has improved this season

And if this episode is any indicator, we might very well have a full seasonal story arc on our hooves. The last time we had something like this was in the first season with the Grand Galloping Gala, which was introduced in “Ticket Master,” set up in miscellaneous other episodes, and completed with “Best Night Ever.”

This time around the story narrative may very well extend to more than just the first and last episode. Six locks. Six Keys. That very well could mean at least six more episodes dedicated to this subplot. Only time will tell. But if this episode is any indicator, we are in for a real treat this season.

So without further ado, allow me to present the first two episodes along with my comments on them.

(BTW, I’m experimenting with a new review format. I’m taking a page out of Equestrian Daily’s book and using photos to supplement my comments. And because I’m using so many photos, I’m splitting this recap into two parts, one for each episode.)

Where exactly was Celestia, and why didn’t Twilight notice her until now? Luna was clearly addressing her earlier, and Twilight had been facing towards where Celestia would have been. So what give?

Now in the original pilot, Luna turns into Nightmare Moon after refusing to lower it, which suggests that it was already up to begin with; but here, Luna defiantly raises the moon, changing day into night. So which is it? I guess you could say Luna refuses to lower the moon when commanded, but even then, there are still continuity problems.

Why can’t MLP contain more epic battles like this?

I know this is supposed to be an emotionally-moving scene, but considering how we all know that this is all a vision, the emotions simply aren’t there.

Don't stop, don't stop! We're in luck now!
Don't stop, there's so much to be found.
We can find paradise.
All we have to do is go! Go! Free your soul.
Dragon Soul!

I know Discord was unfazed the last time someone tried to use the Elements of Harmony on him, but you’d think he would be a bit more troubled about someone trying to defeat him.

So the Tree of Harmony is like one of those trees from the crystal forest in FFXIII?

Twilight Sparkle insists that this is something they all have to face together…and then her friends insist that they can handle it on their own.

I know Discord isn't the nicest guy in the show, but is he heartless enough to allow two ponies to remain in life-threatening peril?

All hail Twilight...Queen of the festival of fools!

Discord, get out of my ear!

Rainbow Dash was going to roundhouse kick a tree. Not sure if badass or stupid.

So it’s their friendship keeping them together and not the Elements of Harmony. Gosh! I never would have guessed! (And I wouldn’t say it took them “great courage” to relinquish the elements, considering that they rarely ever used them to begin with.)

Something tells me we will have at least six other episodes dedicated to this story arc. Just a hunch.