Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Seriously, WTF Is Wrong With New Mexico?

Just minutes after uploading my last blog post, I stumbled across yet another article about New Mexico cops giving an anal probe to someone suspected of carrying drugs.

This time, the victim was a woman, and not only was she forced to undergo a cavity search, abdominal x-ray, and forced defecation, but prior to all that, she was forced to undergo a strip search where police officers inspected and probed her genitalia.

If this woman had been treated this way by any other person, it would be considered sexual assault; but because the perpetrators are police officers—state agents conferred with the sole privilege of using force and coercion on regular citizens—what they did is simply considered “police procedure.”

Incidents like this make me scratch my head as to why more feminists aren’t anti-state. Time and again, the main oppressor of women (where oppression actually exists) has been the state. Its hired goons have forced women to undergo needless virtual strip searches at airports, has permitted their rape at the hands of police and military officers, and, with incidents like this, have forced them to become victims of sexual assault in the name of police procedure.

So why in the wide, wide world of Equestria are so many feminists also statists? Why do they remain silent in the face of government oppression, but are extremely vocal against imaginary oppression from places such as the video game industry? When will these feminists realize that real oppression derives not from gender but political power?

My guess is never.