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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teacher Pleads Guilty To Feeding Students Cookies With…WTF?!

I knew there were pedobears teaching in our public school system, but I never realized to what perversions they would stoop.

Fair warning: this story is not for anyone with a weak stomach, especially if they've recently eaten a full meal:
A Los Angeles school teacher has pleaded guilty to a series of heinous abuses against his students, including blindfolding them and feeding them cookies laced with his semen.

Elementary school teacher Mark Berndt pleaded guilty on Friday to abusing 30 students at Miramonte Elementary School for the last two decades. Berndt was caught after a photo technician reported dozens of blindfolded third graders in photographs he was developing for Berndt. When investigators searched Berndt's classroom, they found semen on a spoon in a trash bin. Berndt had been feeding his students cookies laced with his own semen.

After being removed from the classroom in 2011, Berndt was paid $40,000 by the school district to drop the appeal of his suspension. The school district has already settled 63 cases relating to the abuse, with 71 still pending.

The guilty plea calls for Berndt to spend 25 years in prison.

"He's going to jail essentially for the rest of his life," the attorney for the students and their parents told the Associated Press. "You can't ask for more than that."

The school district had received reports of Berndt abusing students since the 1990s, but did not act until the the police intervened.
I’m not sure what’s more disgusting. That this sick freak committed such perverted acts with innocent school children? Or that the school district in question ignored allegations of his abuse for 20 years? 20 years! 20 YEARS!

And this, fillies and gentlecolts, is why so many people have a problem with teacher unions. I’m all for making sure GOOD teachers keep their jobs, but when your system makes it neigh impossible to fire pedobears like this freak, then perhaps it’s time to seriously reevaluate it.