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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Drug War Is A Pain In The Ass

A New Mexico man, David Eckert, was suspected by police of carrying drugs. He was taken to undergo an anal cavity search at a nearby hospital, which declined to perform the procedure, claiming it was "unethical."

He was then taken to another hospital which agreed to perform the procedure.

First, his abdomen was x-rayed. No drugs were found.

Then he received, not one, but two anal cavity searches. No drugs were found.

Then he received, not one, but two enemas, and was forced both times to defecate in front of the officers and doctors. No drugs were found.

Finally, he was sedated and subjected to a full colonoscopy. And guess what? No drugs were found! He was later released.

That was earlier this year in January. Eckert is now suing the officers and doctors for subjecting him to this madness.

And you want to know what led to this traumatizing police encounter? He was pulled over after rolling through a stop sign in a Walmart parking lot.

And you want to know why the police suspected him of carrying drugs? When they asked him to step out of his car, they saw him clench his buttocks.

Clearly if you clench your buttocks after pulling through a stop sign, that warrants you eight anal probes because you might be carrying drugs in your arse.

There could be no other logical reason for him to clench his butt like that. It's not like he was in desperate need of Preparation H or anything. It had to be drugs!

And you want to know what's worse? This isn't the only time something like this has happened!

Last month, another man in the same town was suspected of the same crime and received the same treatment at the same hospital.

This time, a young man, Timothy Young was suspected of carrying drugs, and was taken to the same hospital where he received an abdominal x-ray and anal cavity search.

Why was he suspected of carrying drugs? Because a drug dog sniffed his seat and allegedly caught the scent of drugs.

And why did the police stop him? Because he made a turn without signaling.

At this point, is there any reason to have faith in the War on Drugs, or the police in general?

Someone please explain to me how this obscene abuse of police power could possibly be considered reasonable.