Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Lesser Of Two Evils Is Still Evil!

I touched briefly yesterday on Virginia’s gubernatorial race. The good news is that Republican Ken “Ban Oral And Anal” Cuccinelli lost big time. The bad news is that the guy who beat him isn’t any better.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is essentially the evil corporate villain you’d find in Saturday morning cartoons, only his shady business dealings would make Lex Luthor ashamed. His laundry list of underhanded deeds include, but are not limited to, accepting money from war criminals, investing in insurance scams, working with Ponzi Scheme con artists, and even having an investigative journalist fired.

Forget how this man managed to win the election, I'm wondering how he managed to get on the ballot!

This is the guy we’re supposed to believe is going to do a better job governing Virginia than Cuccinelli. Sure Cuccinelli is crazy, but McAuliffe is just plain evil. Not the lesser of two evils. Just evil. The lesser of two evils is still pretty freaking evil!

And yet voting for Sarvis was allegedly throwing away your vote? As opposed to having to choose between Fred Phelps and Mr. Burns? That’s not even a choice. That’s a threat! Choose your method of death: shooting or hanging. Take your pick!

Is it any wonder that the majority of Americans are demanding a third party?