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Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fan Works (#2)

What’s worse than Rarity harming her friends? Rarity having them raped!

#2: Rarity’s Generous Plan

Usually these top entries deal with murder, whether it’s Pinkie Pie cutting Dash into cupcakes, Big Mac torturing and mutilating his little sister and her friends, or Dash overseeing the secret genocide of Pegasus ponies in order to make rainbows out of them.

In a culture as heavily-saturated with violence and gore as our own, it’s almost difficult to contemplate a vice worse than murder. But I submit to you that is such a vice: rape.

Normally we don’t consider rape to be worse than murder. At best, we consider it on par with it, but never worse. However, our collective, cultural attitude towards rape would prove otherwise.

Think about it: if you were watching a movie, which would you find more shocking: a death scene, or a rape scene? I suspect most of you would be far more repulsed by a woman being brutally raped, but would hardly flinch at a dozen or so people being brutally gunned down or even decapitated in cold blood.

Ironic how violence rarely fazes us, but it’s rape where we draw the line at. This is why so many movies can get away with tons of blood and gore and still maintain a PG-13-rating, but a movie with even the slightest bit of nudity gets slapped with an R-rating. Somehow, for whatever reason, in our collective consciousness, sex, especially rape, tends to be far more disturbing than violence.

I feel a major reason for this is that rape actually causes more suffering than murder. Yes, murder ultimatley ends up taking the life of another human being, but whatever sufferint the may have endured ends with their life. A rape vicitm, on the other hand, continues to experience suffering long after being raped, to the point where she (or he) can no longer have a normal life, let alone sex life.

Many feminists complain that ours is a “rape culture”, one that trivializes, even glorifies, rape, especially in entertainment. But as I just elucidated, we as a culture are far more revolted by rape than we are by murder, which is why the former is vastly underrepresented in the media. For us, a psychopath who intrinsically plans out a string of murders is far more tolerable than a psychopath who does the same concerning rape.

Which is why Rarity’s Generous Plan manages to rank so much higher on this list.

In this grimdark fic, Rarity is annoyed at how “immature” her friends are and decides to make them grow up into full-grown mares. She figures the best way to do that is by having them lose their virginity.

So Rarity, wanting to play Cupid, secretly sets up each of her friends with a colt, with whom they naturally fall in love with and carry out a steady relationship before, eventually, when the time feels right for them, they willingly give up their marehood and experience the joys of sexual intimacy with their significant other.

Oh wait! I’m sorry. That’s what would happen if this fan fiction were at least sane.

No, instead, Rarity forces each of her friends into a situation where they get taken advantage of and raped by another stallion.

Now that would be disturbing in and of itself, but it’s much more so when the fanfic goes into liberal detail about each rape.

Rarity starts off by inviting Big Mac over to her boutique and acting like a cock tease, and later, a cock block, to him, causing his “Big Mac” to become even bigger, and to the point where he has no choice but to relive himself into the next walking pair of flanks that enters the shop, those flanks belonging to poor Fluttershy. (Way to tarnish my favorite shipping!)

Next she summons three royal guards over to Apple Jack’s farm in order to have them search for contraband, which they search for by delving into her barn, and later, into her plot, which they generously take advantage of plowing. (Police brutality FTW!)

Her next victim is Pinkie Pie, which she gives a special birthday surprise to by sending over a drunk Pokey Pierce. One bound and gagged Pinkie Pie + a drunken, horny Pokey Piece = super special awesome birthday hijinks! Happy birthday, Pinkie! Hope you enjoy your present of having your virginity stolen.

Next up, Twilight Sparkle does some late night studying with Caramel, who later coerces her into doing some late night studying—specifically with anatomy, her anatomy.

Finally, we have Rainbow Dash, who gets to live her dream and spend the day with the Wonderbotls. Later, in the showers, she winds up living out her wet dream with Spitfire, only to end up taking it for the team with Soarin’ through a forced threesome.

The insanity finally comes full-circle when Rarity is apprehended by her friends, who give her a stern and justifiably angry talking to before enacting their revenge on her by having her raped by a mule.

There are too many things wrong with this sick fanfic that I can hardly count, but perhaps its most disturbing aspect is how Rarity convinces herself that she is doing this for their own benefit.

Yes, all the while, a deranged Rarity watches in euphoria as her friends are brutally raped and robbed of their innocence, having convinced herself that she is doing them a favor. So it really comes as an act of catharsis when the others confront her and chew her out for being completely batshit insane.

And you want to know how disturbing this fanfic is? There are not dramtic readings of them. Yes, apparently, people can stand to read Cupcakes, Sweet Apple Massacre, Princess Molestia, and Rainbow Factory, but not this abomination. Again, as a culture, we are completely desensitized to murder, but rape is where we all draw the line, and apparently, it’s for the better!

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as Anita Sarkeesian making a valid point!